Spring 2018

Spring 2018

Alumni from Indianapolis and Charleston, S.C., write in.

Kudos for the Alumni Mag

Dear Editor:

This (fall/winter 2017) is the best The Shocker magazine ever. Keep up the good work!

Rosy ’79 and Pat ’76/79 Crowley, Indianapolis, Ind.

Dear Editor:

This fall/winter 2017 issue of The Shocker is really impressive. Fun to read and review. I noticed the cardio connections, which has always been a special interest to me professionally. (Two leading cardiac researchers are featured in the issue: Mona Nemer ’77 in the cover story “A Scientist’s Scientist” and Vincent Gott ’50 in the Alumni News article “Shocker Football, Cardiac Surgery and the Art of Mending a Broken Heart”)

Best wishes for the New Year.

Michael “Mike” Meacham ’74/98, The Medical University of South Carolina, associate professor and director of outreach, health leadership and management, Charleston, S.C.

Don’t Miss this Trio of Shocker Ventures and Partnerships

Dear Readers:

As you make your way through the pages of this issue of The Shocker, please don’t miss the two inserts that we’ve added to this mailing. They cover three totally different kinds of Shocker ventures: the WSUAA’s Shocker Alumni Walkway (also see the ad on Page 66), the WSU Collection of Lamzy Divey jewelry, and The Shocker’s first-ever financial support group The Shocker Masthead, membership in which comes with a unique sign-up gift, a mini-poster of Wade Hampton Marginalia illustrations from back issues of the alumni magazine. (Turn back to Page 3 if you missed seeing this compilation of WuShock illustrations!)

As different as each of these three enterprises is from the others, they have two things in common. They are all ways in which you can tangibly show your Shocker Pride, and they are all means by which you can assist the WSUAA in realizing its mission of service to Wichita State and to the individual members of WSU’s multifarious alumni body.




Connie Kachel White


Bryan Masters ’83

Staff Writer

Scott Paske

Contributing Art Director

Cheryl Capps ’79/81

Contributing Writers

Anna Perleberg Andersen

Bob Lutz ’84


Scott Paske

Dale Stelz

Jeff Tuttle

Connie Kachel White


Richard Crowson

Scott Dawson ’86

Dustin Parker

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The Shocker

Wichita State’s alumni magazine

Spring/Summer 2018

Vol. 20, No. 2


Courtney M. Marshall, president and CEO

Tate Blanton, assistant director of alumni programs

Sydney Chandler, assistant director of alumni programs Scott Heinrichs, director of finance

Donna Lamb, executive assistant

Lynn Loveland, director of alumni programs

Scott Paske, communications associate

Nita Reed, records supervisor

Stacy Shanahan, membership coordinator

Erin Stieben, director of marketing and membership

Connie White, director of communications


Cathy Carrier, chair

Shawn Penner ’92/93, chair elect/vice-chair of 

administrative programs

Caleb Klein ’10, vice-chair of finance/


Kim Hartwell ’78, vice-chair of alumni programs

Bill Luebbert ’85/88, vice-chair of development


Vic Everett ’79, vice-chair of university programs

Laura Bernstorf ’04, vice-chair of membership/

volunteer recruitment

Chris Purdum ’07, immediate past board chair

Susan Addington ’74

Paul Allen ’70, WSU Foundation board chair, ex-officio

Brandon Baker ’06

John Bardo, WSU president, ex-officio, voting

Chad Blackman ’95, SASO board of directors 

president, ex-officio

Darron Boatright, WSU director of athletics, ex-officio

Frank Chappell ’68

Cindy Claycomb ’79/91

Marcy Clegg ’02

Mark Clevenger ’74

Dave Cunningham ’86

David Fahrbach ’74

Dana Fleming-Mastio ’78

Arthur Glass, Jr. ’81

Lou Heldman, WSU vice president for 

strategic communications, ex-officio

Cindy Hoover ’90

Elizabeth King, WSU Foundation 

president and CEO, ex-officio

Luke Luttrell ’02

Tim Norton

Jamee Sholtz ’06

Lily Wu ’07

Denise Ziegler ’79