Fall 2006

Shock Talk

Richard Crowson cartoon

“If rolling stones gather no moss, then the Rolling Stones are slate clean. Sunday night the Stones rocked Wichita for the first time. Like many de-virginizing events, it was a rocking, rolling, historical night to remember.”
— Viviano Legorreta, reporter for WSU’s student newspaper The Sunflower, in an article about the quartet’s Oct. 1 performance in front of a record-setting crowd at Cessna Stadium.

“Monday through Friday, I’m a school student at WSU. Friday to Monday, I’m in my traditional clothes, speaking my own language and eating my own food.”
— Ponka-We Victors, the WSU graduate student in public administration who was named Miss Indian Nations in September, as quoted in an Associated Press release about her and her plans to use the title to help Native American youths balance their lives in Indian and non-Indian cultures.      

“We’re adding new ideas without taking anything from the original.”
— David Baker, co-owner of the venerable WSU bar The Cedar, as quoted in the Oct. 5 issue of the Wichita City Paper about the saloon and eatery’s scheduled move in December from its 3906 E. 13th Street location to the Brittany Shopping Center at 21st and Woodlawn.

“Snakes on a Plain!!”
— Headline on a promo poster for the Elliott School of Communication’s Communication Week 2006 slated for Oct. 18-20 and featuring such appropriately named sessions as “Shed Your Old Skin: New Directions in Design.”

hay bale WuShock

Shocker2Shocker.com: It’s been tested, tried and renamed by Shocker alumni. Now, the alumni association’s new WSU online community (formerly called YellowAndBlack.net) is live — and waiting for your visit! That’s Shocker2Shocker.com.

No matter where you’ve landed after graduation — whether Wichita, Waxahachie or Timbuktu — you’re invited to reconnect with Shocker alumni and friends worldwide at Shocker2Shocker.com. Let us know what’s going on with you, and network with other Shockers in your profession or your region.

At Shocker2Shocker.com, not only do we keep up with alumni news, but we're ever interested in posting WuShock sightings. One observant Shocker, for instance, snapped this shot of either Wu or a most Wu-like creature in Canada this summer.

All you need to log into the site is your YellowAndBlack ID number, which is printed next to your name on the mailing label on the back cover of this issue of The Shocker.

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