Fall 2006


Summer 2006 CoverAngelman News
Dear Editor:

What a great article about the twins in The Shocker magazine (“Laughter Squared,” summer 2006). Thanks so much!

Julie Scherz ’69/71/89
WSU Communication Sciences and Disorders
associate professor and undergraduate coordinator


Shock Talk
Dear Editor:

I have been a die-hard Shocker fan since birth, so I was very touched to see that Kate and I were dubbed “Two of the First” in the article on page 7. (Shock Talk, summer 2006) Though I did not attend WSU, the Shocks will always be my team, and I can tell you right now that page 7 of the magazine is going to be framed along with my tickets and a photo to hang in my office for all time. Go, Shocks!

Ryan W. Gates
Brooklyn, N.Y.


picture of Apex award

Award of Excellence
Dear APEX 2006 Winner:

Congratulations! The Shocker has won an Award of Excellence in the major category of Magazines and Journals.

Thank you for participating in APEX 2006, the 18th annual awards program recognizing excellence in publications work by professional communicators.

Apex Awards are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence. With close to 5,000 entries, competition was exceptionally intense.

John De Lellis
Communications Concepts Inc. editor and publisher
Springfield, Va.

Editor’s Note: Others APEX winners include publications of the American Bar Association, Toyota Motor Sales USA, The E.W. Scripps Co. and from fellow institutions of higher education: the University of Michigan, Auburn University and the University of Alabama.