Spring 2006


Art Moves

Dear Editor:
I want to thank you for the enlightening article in the last issue of the alumni magazine (“Art Moves,” fall 2005). I enjoyed reading about the history of the MFA program. It brought back some good memories and reminded me of a number of people who had faded from memory over the years. You got a lot of information in those seven pages.

Richard Ash ’66/68
Wichita Falls, Texas


Dear Editor:
I am glad you wrote such a fine article about the history of the MFA program. I have saved many articles and photos of those early years and have many fond memories.

Barbara Kiskadden
Carmel, Calif.


Dear Editor:
Congratulations on an illuminating and historically detailed article, “Art Moves,” in the fall/winter issue. It brought back many fond memories of my experiences at WSU. It was especially pleasing to see the artwork of many friends and    colleagues of my era. I am still in touch with a number of them.

I entered the MFA program as a teaching fellow and completed the program in 1962. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to get back to Wichita and especially regret missing a finalist reception in which I was represented for the university’s Centennial Art Competition. The school has undergone remarkable developmental changes.

Keep up the great work! I certainly hope to see more about the arts within the rich tradition of Wichita State University.

Richard Moses ’62
Emeritus, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1999)
Falls City, Neb.

Editor’s Note: It’s gratifying to hear from so many art graduates and former art faculty members and their family members in response to The Shocker’s article in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Wichita State’s MFA program in art and design. This is especially the case since information about so many talented and successful alumni artists and former art faculty members did not make it into print. Alas, it proved impossible to thoroughly cover 50 years of artistic accomplishments in seven pages! Nevertheless, we’re planning to flesh out WSU’s art history for our readers in future magazine issues.