Spring 2016

The Shocker, Spring 2016

Cover Spring 2016
ON THE COVER: Wichita State’s Henrion Hall, originally Henrion
Gymnasium, is undergoing a transformation into the university’s
Ideas Lab, a fine arts take on a makerspace. Cover photo is by
Brandon Chauncey ’00. 


Editor: Connie Kachel White

Design: Bryan Masters ’83

Contributing Art Director: Cheryl Capps ’79/81

Staff Writer: Jessica Seibel ’08

Contributing Writers: Dan Close ’81/93, Amy Geiszler-Jones

Photography: Brandon Chauncey ’00, cover, Dan Close ’81/93, David Dinell ’05, Jessica Seibel ’08, Jeff Tuttle, Connie Kachel White

Illustration: Richard Crowson fs ’91, Scott Dawson ’86, Wade Hampton fs ’91

The Shocker is published twice annually by the Wichita State University Alumni Association (WSUAA) for association members and other selected audiences. Copyright © 2016 by the WSUAA.

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The Shocker
Wichita State’s alumni magazine
Spring/Summer 2016
Vol. 18, No. 2


Courtney M. Marshall, president and CEO

Tate Blanton, assistant director of alumni programs

Scott Heinrichs, director of finance

Donna Lamb, executive assistant

Lynn Loveland, director of alumni programs

Nita Reed, records supervisor

Stacy Salters, assistant director of alumni information

Jessica Seibel, communications associate

Stacy Shanahan, membership coordinator

Erin Stieben, director of marketing and membership

Connie White, director of communications

Sean Zeller, assistant director of alumni programs


Mindy McPheeters ’96, chair

Chris Purdum ’07, chair elect

Chad Green ’93, vice-chair of finance/secretary-treasurer

Kim Hartwell ’78, vice-chair of alumni programs

Shawn Penner ’92/93, vice-chair, development programs

Holly Dyer ’88, vice-chair of university programs

Joe Hand ’99, vice-chair of membership/volunteer recruitment

Denis Dieker ’77/80, immediate past board chair

Rachel Allen ’01

Spike Anderson ’93/95, SASO board of directors president, ex-officio

Brandon Baker ’06

John Bardo, WSU president, ex-officio, voting 

Doug Blackman

Darron Boatright, WSU interim athletics director, ex-officio

Ken Brasted ’91

Cathy Carrier 

Frank Chappell ’68

Cindy Claycomb ’79/91 

Marcella Clegg ’02

Dave Cunningham ’86

Gay Dahlke ’89

Brooke Davids ’08/08

David Fahrbach ’74

Dana Fleming-Mastio ’78

Lou Heldman, WSU vice president for strategic communications, ex-officio

Elizabeth King, WSU Foundation president and CEO, ex-officio 

Margy Long, WSUAA Shockers Forever president, ex-officio 

Bill Luebbert ’85/88

Luke Luttrell ’02

Darren Muci ’84

Marilyn Pauly ’72, WSU Foundation board chair, ex-officio

Lily Wu ’07 

Denise Ziegler ’79


The Shocker, Spring 2016

The Shocker is published twice annually by the Wichita State University Alumni Association (WSUAA) for association members and other selected audiences.