Spring 2012


Thanks for the Stories

The Shocker fall 2011 coverDear Editor:

Thanks for the great article on the Miro´ mural in The Shocker (fall 2011). The mural arrived after I was an art department faculty member (1970-73), and I always wondered how it came about.

In retirement, I've enjoyed several books by Gordon Parks, A Choice of Weapons and A Hungry Heart. Keep me posted if WSU ever has an exhibit of Parks' work.

Jay Ulbricht, professor emeritus of art and art history, University of Texas at Austin

Editor's Note: Thanks for the kind words about our feature, "You Can't Miss It," on Joan Miro´'s monumental mosaic mural. And we're delighted you mention Gordon Parks — the acclaimed photographer, director, composer and author whose collected papers are housed at the university and 29 of his photographs are in the permanent collection of WSU's Ulrich Museum of Art.

Dear Editor:

I really appreciated the acknowledgement of the ROTC-sponsored rifle program at WU ("Weapons Room" in the fall 2011 issue's Found Stories column in Look Back).

As part of my duties as editor of a statewide shooting sports publication, I researched the history of collegiate shooting sports in Kansas. Since I am a WSU alumnus, I started there. Using copies of the WSU yearbook at Ablah Library, I was able to piece together a fairly comprehensive picture of WSU rifle, starting in 1942. I have also spoken with alums from KU and KSU rifle teams who related their competitive encounters with the formidable shooters from WSU. In fact, while competing in a recent rifle match in Oklahoma, I acquired a small, embroidered tab in black and gold with the words "WSU Rifle" emblazoned thereon — shooters used to trade patches with those against whom they competed. I have affixed it to my black Shocker jacket that I wear proudly to Shocker games.

Larry J. Richardson '71/77
Derby, Kan.

Thanks for the Memories

Hey, Wichita State!

Please take note that I always read the accounts of your activities with great pleasure. I am very proud of my past association with WSU and look back on it with pride and pleasure.

Within three short months I will reach the goal of 90 years, and I am certain changes have taken place since my departure! I recall with great pleasure running into my German professor, Dr. Nock, in a German restaurant in 1964. He was amazed at how much my language had improved!

Alles Gute (All Good),

Jeff Lasswell '49
Spring Hill, Fla.