Winter 1999

In Memoriam

Dr. Alejandro J. Aillon, Oct. 4, Halstead Hospital chief of surgery, chairman, Department of Surgery, Halstead, Kan.

Betty Jean (Kelley) Armour '41, Sept. 19, homemaker, Fresno, Calif.

Lucile M. Allen, Oct.10, homemaker and friend of the university, Wichita.

Ruth M. Anderson '37/47, Nov. 3, retired University of Arizona associate professor and former Denver Children's Hospital speech pathologist, Tucson, Ariz.

Faye E. (Martin) Astle '65, Sept. 30, homemaker and university friend, Wichita.

Billie Louise Atkinson, Oct.12, retired teacher and university friend, Wichita.

Doran W. Barham, Oct.1, retired architect, architectural delineator and artist and WSU friend, Wichita.

James W. Beal '59, Oct. 10, Overland Park, Kan.

Jerome C. Beck, Oct. 12, retired church maintenance supervisor and university friend, Wichita.

Carolyn (Bass) Benson, Sept. 8, friend of the university, Wichita.

Jack Blank, Sept. 14, retired Cessna Aircraft Co. employee and WSU friend, Wichita.

Joseph E. "Bob" Borlase, Oct. 29, retired farm and ranch realtor, and university friend, Wichita.

Barbara R. Bowers '63, Oct. 29, retired Wichita Public Schools music educator, Wichita.

Everett L. "Brad" Bradburn, Sept. 5, retired Boeing Wichita sheet metal mechanic and Fleming Co. employee and university friend, Wichita.

William M. "Bill" Bradley '60, Aug. 22, former music teacher, Arlington, Texas.

Dr. Hugh S. Brady '40, Aug. 18, physician, Concordia, Mo.

Keith G. Bulloch Sr., May 28, Medical Imaging president of services and WSU friend, Augusta, Kan.

Ruth N. (Burney) Bump '33, Sept. 24, homemaker, Wichita.

Leora A. Casner '33, July 16, retired physical education teacher, Milton, Kan.

M. Ruth (Mcquillan) Chambers '28, Aug. 15, homemaker and former farm owner and co-manager, Clearwater, Kan.

Terry V. Chapman '79, Jan. 20, entrepreneur and Advanced Industries Inc. president, Wichita.

Janice K. (Rowe) Clasen '71, Oct. 24, substitute teacher, One-Stop and postal employee, Udall, Kan.

Carl L. Clemensen '60, Aug. 27, a nationally recognized leader in the metal building insulation industry and founder of Con-Air Inc., VERTEX Inc. and Clemensen Company Inc., Wichita.

Byron C. Collom, Aug. 21, retired Watkins production manager and WSU friend, Lampe, Mo.

Roy A. Coombs fs '32, Sept. 17, retired Cochran Mortuary funeral director, Wichita.

Francis M. Coover '39, May 1, retired Union Carbide Corp. consumer products employee, El Dorado, Calif.

Theon Copes Sr., Sept. 7, university friend and retired Beech Aircraft Co. maintenance worker, Wichita.

Maurice R. Coulson '36, Nov. 4, retired life insurance consultant, Wichita.

Dale E. Crown '50, Sept. 16, retired Social Security claims representative, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Gladys F. (Harrop) Dehaven '17, Sept. 11, 1997, former home economics teacher and Michigan Employment Security Commission employee, Mesa, Ariz.

Timothy R. "Tim" Dolenz '86, Oct. 4, Raytheon Aircraft production test pilot, Andover, Kan.

Lois E. Doll '55, Aug. 6, retired teacher, Paramount, Calif.

Thomas A. Donoho '72/74, Oct. 27, real estate broker, Wichita.

Louis E. Duggan '70, Jan. 21, owner of Duggan Dozer and Dump Truck Service, Weatherford, Okla.

William E. Eckert, Sept. 17, retired medical examiner, author and university friend who served 26 years as deputy district coroner for Sedgwick County. His renowned career included consulting with investigators of the Robert F. Kennedy assassination in 1968, the Manson murders in 1969, the Gacy serial killer case in 1980, the identification of the remains of Joseph Mengele in South America in 1990 and the identification of PanAm Flight 103 victims in 1988, Terrytown, La.

Joseph Merwyn Fager '32, Jan. 8, retired Skelly Oil Co. worker and farmer, Ponca City, Okla.

Max D. Goracke '88, Nov. 14, lawyer, Riverside, Mo.

Stella K. Groe, Sept. 1, homemaker and university friend, Wichita.

Earl T. Graves, Nov. 4, WSU friend and retired Wheeler-Kelly and Hagny Investment Co. vice president in charge of real estate; commercial, industrial and residential developer; real estate broker; commercial and industrial sales and land developer, Wichita.

Randolph N. Hays '70/81, May 5, 1995, former engineering programmer for Cessna, Wichita.

Jean Louise (Kimel) Hesse '44, Nov. 4, homemaker, Wichita.

Meredith (Fraker) Hopper '46, Sept. 24, retired Boeing Wichita publications employee, Wichita.

William W. Harrub, Oct. 18, retired Boeing Wichita engineer and university friend, Wichita.

Marvin D. Hunewell '61, Aug. 13, retired government worker, Affton, Mo.

Dr. Charles R. Jackson, Sept. 16, retired surgeon, Wichita.

Orval J. Kaufman, Oct. 15, attorney and university friend, Wichita.

Marine S. Kohl, Sept. 20, friend of the university, farmer and Angus breeder, Wichita.

Wade L. Lewis fs '72, Oct. 13, former Quality Chevrolet Scholfield Bros. business manager, Wichita.

David "Dave" Liljestrand, Aug. 30, owner of Dave's Coin and Stamp Co., and WSU friend, Wichita.

Dr. Loren E. Linn '42, April 30, physician, Chesapeake City, Md.

Oscar O. Logan Jr., Oct. 23, retired Veterans Administration Center lab technician and university friend, Wichita.

Richard D. Mapel '61, Nov. 15, 1993, Boeing Commercial Airplanes employee, Wichita.

Helen Marks, Oct. 28, homemaker and WSU friend, Wichita.

Charles E. Marshall, Sept. 27, friend of the university and retired insurance agent, Wichita.

Daryl May, Oct. 5, retired Santa Fe Railroad yardsman and university friend, Wichita.

Glen S. McCormick '50, Aug. 21, retired Beech Aircraft Corp. manager of preliminary design, Derby, Kan.

Margaret C. McDaniel, Aug. 18, friend of the university and former Seymour Packing Co., Concordia Creamery, Falls City Creamery employee, Concordia, Kan.

Vernon McDaniel, Aug. 27, friend of the university and farmer, Sharon, Kan.

Wayne D. McKowen, Sept. 1, retired civil engineer and university friend, Wellington, Kan.

Dorothy D. McLaughlin '67, Oct. 20, retired elementary school librarian, Wichita.

Paul E. McManis, Oct. 25, retired Boeing Wichita assembly instructor and supervisor, Wichita.

Linda K. Miller '75, Aug. 28, Southwestern Bell directory assistance operator, Wichita.

Sadie L. Miller, Oct. 15, former fashion industry worker and Miller Development Co. co-operator and university friend, McPherson, Kan.

Betty (Myers) Morgan '75, May 1, homemaker and former junior college instructor, Hutchinson, Kan.

Leonard F. Navrat '58, Nov. 2, dentist, Wichita.

Mary Agnes (Elkins) Nibarger '37/51, May 20, retired WSU mathematics professor, Augusta, Kan.

Frank C. Oldfather '47, Oct. 14, retired Weaver Engineering Manufacturing Co. owner, Wichita.

Michael R. Ortega '75/76, Aug. 25, Air Force veteran, Austin, Texas.

Walter G. Otte, Oct. 31, retired Boeing Wichita aviation technical writer and WSU friend, Wichita.

Barbara S. Overman '68, Oct. 27, retired teacher, Derby, Kan.

Alfred C. "A.C./Ace" Parson '49, Oct. 20, retired Boeing Wichita flight test engineer, Wichita.

Wesley A. Race II, Nov. 1, retired C.H. Robinson Co. manager and university friend, Wichita.

Jimmy Razook, June 6, former businessman and rancher and WSU friend, Wichita.

Maxine Haller Reed, Oct. 20, retired Thurston's Clothing head bookkeeper and university friend, Missouri Valley, Iowa.

Dorothy I. Rice, Sept. 9, retired Intrust Bank teller and university friend, El Dorado, Kan.

Floyd E. Ricker, Oct. 17, retired Farm Credit Bank vice president and university friend, Wichita.

Azzie Richardson, Aug. 24, retired USD 259 custodian and university friend, Wichita.

Walter Richardson fs '49, Aug. 30, former bond salesman, Walston & Co. executive accountant and former Sedgwick Co. treasurer, Buena Park, Calif.

LaVerne R. "Vern" Rohde, Oct. 9, retired Air Force and WSU Media Resource electronic technician, Wichita.

M. Kay Royse, Sept. 1, judge and friend of the university, Topeka, Kan.

James W. Sanner '64, Feb. 22, formerly with Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich.

Jennifer M. Shaulis '95/96, Aug. 25, respiratory therapist, Wichita.

Thora Jane (Taylor) Steele '31/64, Oct. 25, retired Wichita public school teacher, Wichita.

Synneva C. (Onsgard) Stettler '47, Sept. 4, homemaker, Lawrence, Kan.

Ethel R. Stevens, June 6, former Cimarron Lumber Co. and Town & Country Lumber of Harper co-owner and WSU friend, Wichita.

Gerald L. "Jerry" Stuever '50, Sept. 20, retired Kansas Wholesale Supply co-owner, Wichita.

Ada V. Swisher '20, Dec. 1992, retired English department chair at Wichita North High School; at the time of her death, she was 109 years old, Marshall, Mo.

Mary E. Taylor, Oct. 18, former teacher, retired Cheney High School secretary and university friend, Cheney, Kan.

Merle G. Taylor '68, Sept. 1, former Beech Aircraft Corp. employee, AAMC Transmissions owner-operator and Guardian Interlock Systems of Oklahoma founder, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Bertha (Kim) Thiessen '53, Oct. 8, retired Hill School, Lilydale School and Buhler Grade School teacher and WSU friend, Buhler, Kan.

Doris G. (Flemons) Tomlin '70, Sept. 29, former teacher, Reston, Va.

Klenton D. Toothaker '66/73, Oct. 7, City of Wichita financial division employee, Wichita.

Thelma C. Malone Trovillo, Oct. 19, retired teacher and university friend, Wichita.

Paul D. Vermillion '27, May 24, 1998, former supervisor at Arden Creamery and former University of Wichita football player known as "Sixty Minute Mike" for playing every minute of every game during a three-year period, San Diego, Calif.

Lillian A. Wall, Sept. 11, professor emeritus in WSU's Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature, Wichita.

Col. Robert J. Walling '40, Nov. 6, retired Air Force, Santa Rosa, Calif.

Judith E. (Brower) Ward '72, Oct. 29, retired Mid-Co. Implement bookkeeper, Pratt, Kan.

Darry L. Winfrey '58, Jan. 18, retired self-employed civil engineer, Goddard, Kan.

David K. Winston '58, Oct. 24, Air Force veteran, Conroe Courier newspaper reporter and former Wichita Eagle police reporter, Montgomery, Texas.

Gerald W. "Woody" Wood '68, Sept. 24, former businessman and Star Lumber employee, Wichita.


In Memoriam

Dr. Alejandro J. Aillon, Oct. 4, Halstead Hospital chief of surgery, chairman, Department of Surgery, Halstead, Kan. Betty Jean (Kelley) Armour '41, Sept. 19, homemaker, Fresno, Calif. Lucile M. Allen, Oct.10, homemaker and friend of the univer...

A Dedicated Teacher

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