Spring 2017


Shock the World

Dear Editor:

Thank you for featuring the Shock the World Campaign in your most recent issue of The Shocker. I love the cover! It visually represents exactly what this campaign is all about – making a difference in the lives of our students and faculty.

— Elizabeth King, WSU Foundation president and CEO

Wonderful Tribute

Dear Editor:

What a wonderful tribute you paid to my beloved mother Celia Cohen in the In Memoriam section of the (fall/winter 2016) The Shocker magazine! What special recognition you gave her by including part of a letter from former WSU President Clark Ahlberg to her. She would be very pleased. I know she was looking over my shoulder as I was reading about her. Thank you again for taking the time, effort, and research to write such a glowing obituary.

 — Steve Cohen, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Dear Editor:

The Shocker has arrived in the mail. I just gave it a quick glance-through intending to read it more thoroughly later. But, even the quick glance caused me to notice two things:

• The passing of Wilson K. Cadman in Oct. 2016. As editor of my fraternity’s newsletter, I had missed including his name in the latest “The Webster,” which is going to the printer next Tuesday morning. He is one of several Men of Webster alums from the early 1950s who have recently passed away.

• The passing of Celia Cohen. Her name rang a bell with me, so I read her obit and it came back to me. She moved to Scottsdale in 1994, so she used to come to the WSU alumni meetings I helped organize when I lived there and served as alumni chapter president. She was a very nice woman!

Cool article (“Attack Mode,” by Kollen Long) on Mikaela Raudsepp! She is one of the members of the Shocker volleyball team that I know the best. Since she came to WSU, we just keep running into each other around campus, and she is a friendly Shocker. Sharp, too! 

I also enjoyed the “Boeing in Her Blood” article. I admire Leanne Caret for being a very capable executive officer.

— Vic Heckart ’62, Wichita

Dear The Shocker:

I received a copy of the article (“Boeing in Her Blood,” by Jessica Seibel). Oh my gosh, if only I was in real life how lovely you wrote about me! Thank you for the beautiful profile and for capturing my inner spirit. 

— Leanne Caret ’90, St. Louis, Mo.