Spring 2017



Innovation Way

If you haven’t been on Wichita State’s campus for a couple of semesters, this will be new to you: the university’s vision for an Innovation Campus has taken on shape and heft – one that’s Shocker all the way.

The Boosting Power of Microcredentials

Earning badges isn’t just for scouts anymore. Now they are a way to build up college credit or to prove one has mastered a concept or skill, giving a person a career boost.

Der Heldenbariton

Alan J. Held ’83 won’t be adding his name to a long and impressive list of directors of opera at Wichita State when he takes over that post this fall. The list is impressive, all right. But not long.



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Shock Talk

Shockers everywhere, at events long ago or happenings just the other day, always have something interesting to say.


Shocker Faces

Shocker personalities show up everywhere. Take a look!

Painting the Town Yellow

Homecoming 2017: Paint the Town Yellow took place the week of Jan. 30, culminating with the crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen on Feb. 4.

Board Chair's Message

Summer is upon us, as are the typical winds of Kansas. I analogize those winds as the metaphorical, transformational type at the root of the changes on our campus

President and CEO's Message

The WSUAA is the “keeper of traditions,” and we’re excited to have an opportunity to build upon traditions and create new ones as we transition into the American Athletic Conference.

Shocker Fans Vie for Trophy

Spirits ran high with members of the WSU Alumni Association’s Women United for the Shockers group during the March 10 Bracket Chatter get-together at AJ’s Sports Grill at The Alley.

WSU Class of 1967 Returns to Campus

Special tours, get-togethers, attendance at the 61st WSU Alumni Awards banquet and ceremony, and induction into Wichita State’s 50 Year Club were all on the activity-queue for the Class of 1967’s return to campus.

Shocker Baseball Faithful Tailgate with Special Guests

Todd Butler, Mike Kennedy, Brent Kemnitz and Courtney Marshall address WSUAA BAT Party-goers before the Wichita State Shockers take the field against the Cowboys of Oklahoma State.

Congratulations, WSUAA Scholars!

For the 2017-2018 academic year, the WSU Alumni Association will be providing scholarships to the highest number of recipients in the history of its administration of the WSU Drive Your Pride License Plate Scholarship and the WSU Legacy Endowed Scholarship.


WSUAA News and Events

Association Partners with F45

In keeping with Wichita State’s emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, the WSU Alumni Association helped bring an F45 fitness studio to campus.


Message From the WSU President

President John Bardo shares an updated definition of “applied learning,” stresses the importance of creating connections between classroom and workplace learning – all key aspects of Wichita State’s efforts in preparing students for the world.

Her Mission: Finding the Best Solution

A native of Peru, Lucy Aragon is working on a doctorate in industrial and manufacturing engineering at Wichita State.

The American Way

Wichita State University President John Bardo shared the news on April 7: WSU has accepted the invitation from Commissioner Mike Aresco to join the American Athletic Conference, ending a 72-year relationship with the Missouri Valley Conference.

Greek News

The 8th Annual Multicultural Greek Council “Shock the Yard” Step Show livened up post-basketball quiet Charles Koch Arena on April 29.


These Gleanings entries survey the current university scene and feature original illustrations by Scott Dawson ’86.


Shock Art

A gallery of both literary and visual art, Shock Art showcases works by Wichita State alumni, faculty and students.


Spirit People

Wichita State’s Lowell D. Holmes Museum of Anthropology has turned 50 years old.


Shocker Proud

Continuing a proud Shocker tradition, the WSUAA hosts its 61st celebration of excellence. Six extraordinary Wichita State alumni, faculty and administrators garner WSU Alumni Awards.


Chasing the Bad Guys is Just Part of a U.S. Marshal's Day at Work

Early on, Ron Miller ’75 made a decision about his career. “I wanted to be a police officer from the time I was nine years old,” he says.

Scholarship Equation

Justus Fugate ’60/62 and family have formed a dynamic system with Wichita State.


Shocker Football Players Return to Campus for a Special Look Back at 1963

This June, former Shocker football players reunited on campus for a series of events, hosted by WSU Athletics and assisted by the WSU Alumni Association.

Sunday at One

This profile of Bill Parcels '64 was published by the WSUAA in its January/February 1996 issue of Wichita State University Alumni News.

NRA All-American

The National Rifle Association's inaugural All-American honors for excellence in trap shooting went to Kevin Maloan ’85.


Road Block

It was an even-steven affair. For the second time around. The backdrop to this season’s NCAA tournament second-round Shockers vs. Wildcats game played on March 19 was, of course, the teams’ meeting in the 2014 tournament.

Kansas Native Excited to Take Up Shocker Head Coaching Duties

On March 29, Keitha Adams was announced as head women’s basketball coach at Wichita State.

Sports Briefs

Shocker Sports News and Notes


Class Notes

Comings, goings, appointments, retirements, honors, accolades and other personal alumni news.


Dave The Rave

Dave Stallworth fs ’65 is a Shocker basketball legend. His No. 42 jersey, one of only five to be retired, hangs high from the rafters of Charles Koch Arena.

Grace Under Pressure

Linwood B. Sexton ’48 wore jersey No. 66 as a record-breaking halfback for the University of Wichita Shockers.

Patterns of Change

Variety was the spice of John D. McBride’s professional life.

Artful in Business

Linda L. (Howard) Brantner ’74/90 was one of those key Wichita people almost everyone knew.

Building Bridges

Reza Sarhangi ’89/94, professor of mathematics at Towson University in Maryland, is said to have had an obsession: connecting the fields of mathematics, science and art.

Dharma's Garden

Although his work plate was more than full, Dharma deSilva still found time to enjoy and share the tastes of his native Sri Lanka.

In Memoriam

Leaving lasting legacies are these Wichita State University alumni and friends.


Shocker Fan Like No Other

There has always been something special to me about Wichita State athletics. But being a journalist was even more special. I spent more than four decades doing what I loved.


Coming Up Roses

Everything’s coming up roses for David Eads ’84/86.

Passion for Pasta

Kasia Ryniak ’98 is passionate about pasta.

From Hillsboro to Moscow to Kabul

Hillsboro, Kan., native and WSU political science graduate Mark Seibel ’86/89 has seen a good deal of the world in his work in the field of international relations.

Our Shocker Admiral

Wendy Johnson ’87/99 is a skilled communicator and a passionate advocate for education, the arts, the community and, of course, Riverfest.



Newsworthy info about alumni and university personalities and happenings — all packaged up in bite-size reads, with illustrations by Dustin Parker.


The Shocker, Spring 2017

The Shocker is published twice annually by the Wichita State University Alumni Association (WSUAA) for association members and other selected audiences.