Spring 2017

Scholarship Equation

research presentation by Tommy Stoller
This graphic is taken from Fugate Scholar Tommy Stoller’s
research presentation titled “Analyzing the Stability of Ebola
Models Using Dynamical Systems.”

Justus Fugate ’60/62 and family have formed a dynamic system with Wichita State. His involvements – everything from helping develop the first computing center at WSU, to supporting the activities of the Student Affairs Development Advisory Board, Music Associates, Student Ambassador Society (SAS), Delta Upsilon Fraternity and the Ulrich Museum – add up to more than the sum of their parts. 

One of his most cherished endeavors is investing in students and their education. “At least six generations of my family have taught since 1800,” he has explained. “Supporting education is in my lineage, and I’m proud that it will also be my legacy.”

His generosity includes donations to the Josephine B. Fugate Endowed Music Scholarship, the Josephine B. and Justus H. Fugate Mathematics Scholarship, the Ann A. and Justus H. Fugate SAS Endowed Scholarship and the Delta Upsilon-Men of Webster Scholarship. 

Fugate takes a personal interest in the students who receive those scholarships. One such recipient is Tommy Stoller ’17, who was awarded a mathematics scholarship. “It was with great delight that I received your WSU graduation announcement from the Fairmount College of LAS,” Fugate wrote in a May note to Stoller. “I plan to attend your celebration on May 27. Once again, congratulations on your academic achievement. All of our family is proud that you are a summa cum laude graduate and a Fugate Scholar.”

Stoller, who earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and plans to pursue graduate studies at the University of Kansas, has certainly impressed Fugate, who reports: “Tommy is a fine young man in all respects.”


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Scholarship Equation

Justus Fugate ’60/62 and family have formed a dynamic system with Wichita State.