Spring 2017

President and CEO's Message

Courtney Marshall

The WSUAA is the “keeper of traditions,” and we’re excited to have an opportunity to build upon traditions and create new ones as we transition into the American Athletic Conference on July 1. 

“The American,” as it’s called, creates opportunities to reach alumni, fans and potential students in markets that we haven’t traditionally traveled to, and Cincinnati, Greenville, Memphis, New Orleans, Orlando, Philadelphia, Storrs/Hartford create exciting new destinations for Shocker athletic play. If the welcome that the WSUAA has received is any indication, this relationship has great potential for long-term success. 

Keep in mind that this move is far greater in scope than athletics: We will be aligning ourselves with institutions in metro-areas that serve as economic catalysts and as centers of research and cultural advancement. This move also aligns with our Strategic Enrollment Management Plan for recruitment, which includes the goal of increasing enrollment along the I-35 corridor by 18 percent yearly through fall 2020. The Shocker City Partnership tuition discount plan grants resident tuition rates to students in Kansas City, Mo., Tulsa, Oklahoma City and the Dallas metro-area. For more information, go to www.wichita.edu/shockercity. 

Many plans for events at those new destinations are in the works, and we’re seeking volunteers to help start Chapter Networks. If this sounds interesting, contact Lynn Loveland, lynn.loveland@wichita.edu, or 316-978-3831. 

Wherever it is you call home, we encourage you to “come home” to Wichita and see the changes on campus as we transform into the “Innovation University.” And if you can’t make it back, we’ll do our best to keep you informed about happenings on campus.


Shocker Faces

Shocker personalities show up everywhere. Take a look!

Painting the Town Yellow

Homecoming 2017: Paint the Town Yellow took place the week of Jan. 30, culminating with the crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen on Feb. 4.

Board Chair's Message

Summer is upon us, as are the typical winds of Kansas. I analogize those winds as the metaphorical, transformational type at the root of the changes on our campus

President and CEO's Message

The WSUAA is the “keeper of traditions,” and we’re excited to have an opportunity to build upon traditions and create new ones as we transition into the American Athletic Conference.

Shocker Fans Vie for Trophy

Spirits ran high with members of the WSU Alumni Association’s Women United for the Shockers group during the March 10 Bracket Chatter get-together at AJ’s Sports Grill at The Alley.

WSU Class of 1967 Returns to Campus

Special tours, get-togethers, attendance at the 61st WSU Alumni Awards banquet and ceremony, and induction into Wichita State’s 50 Year Club were all on the activity-queue for the Class of 1967’s return to campus.

Shocker Baseball Faithful Tailgate with Special Guests

Todd Butler, Mike Kennedy, Brent Kemnitz and Courtney Marshall address WSUAA BAT Party-goers before the Wichita State Shockers take the field against the Cowboys of Oklahoma State.

Congratulations, WSUAA Scholars!

For the 2017-2018 academic year, the WSU Alumni Association will be providing scholarships to the highest number of recipients in the history of its administration of the WSU Drive Your Pride License Plate Scholarship and the WSU Legacy Endowed Scholarship.


WSUAA News and Events

Association Partners with F45

In keeping with Wichita State’s emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, the WSU Alumni Association helped bring an F45 fitness studio to campus.