Fall 2004

Shock Art

art by Emily JacirHANA (detail)
Emily Jacir

From the series Where We Come From, "Hana" will be among Jacir's works on exhibit Jan. 20 through March 6, 2005, at WSU's Ulrich Museum of Art. The Palestinian-born artist uses photography, drawing, video, text and found objects to put a human face on the intractable geopolitical issues that torment the Middle East.





Teapot by HansenTEAPOT
Arlen Hansen

Hansen is a grad student in WSU's ceramics program. The degree emphasizes "experimentation with the medium to investigate individual interests," as well as knowledge of stoneware, raku and firing techniques.






Wichita State University

By Lee R. Riley ’42


Wichita pioneers saw the need for education

More than a century past in our history,

In 1895 Fairmount College was established

And with persistence this was a great victory.


Fairmount College was church related

And in continued need of money support,

After 31 years and frequent hard times

A city affiliated school seemed the last resort.


In 1926 the city of Wichita took over

Now the school is Wichita University,

Growing in facilities with outstanding professors

A superior school is a reality.


Student numbers grew along with programs

Modern facilities kept pace along the way,

Truly a vital period in development

An outstanding university to stay.


A need for more advanced programs

Caused a need for state recognition,

And in 1964 Kansas leaders saw merit

And Wichita State University came to fruition.


We can all be proud as alumni

Support our great heritage each day,

We have a great university

Now we must keep it that way.


Shock Art

A gallery of both literary and visual art, Shock Art showcases works by Wichita State University alumni, faculty and students.