Spring 2010

In Memoriam

Wichita State Benefactor

George AngleAfter beginning studies at the University of Wichita while also working at Sinclair Oil Co., George A. Angle ’47 joined the Army Air Corps. From 1942 to 1945, he served with a P-51 fighter squadron based in Italy and attained the rank of captain.

Returning to Wichita, he earned a bachelor’s degree in geology and again took up work in oil. In 1949, his Air Force Reserves unit was reactivated and recalled to active duty during the Korean War. He served with the 137th Fighter Group before transferring to the 128th Fighter Squadron, which he dubbed the “Red Tigers.” He was senior flight commander.

Back in Wichita in 1954, Angle operated as an independent oil and gas producer with Frontier Oil Co. and as a rotary drilling contractor with the Red Tiger Drilling Co. He figured prominently in the development of the Wichita field north and northeast of Wichita and in Wichita proper. In 1966, he built and, until 1977, operated the Kansas Refined Helium Co. plant, at the time the world’s largest.

Through the years, his business interests also included downtown building development ventures and banking. He purchased the Kansas State Bank & Trust Co. in 1980 and, in 1982, Central Bank & Trust. He left banking with the sale of KSB&T in 1992.

A longtime WSU supporter, Angle and his wife, Jean, made, in 1988, an outright and deferred gift of $1.2 million as an endowment for the alumni association. In recognition, a Woodman Alumni Center conference room bears the Angle name.

George Angle died Aug. 12, 2009, in Eastborough, Kan.

— Connie Kachel White

Common Bond

George FahnestockWichita businessman and civic leader E. George Fahnestock ’69 was involved in just about every organization in the city — and every undertaking of note at Wichita State. His energy and enthusiasm for people and community seemed boundless.

A native Wichitan and founder and owner of Fahnestock Plumbing HVAC & Electric, he was the public face for the campaign to raise money to build the recently completed Intrust Bank Arena. In 2008, he played a key role in building support for the $370 million bond issue for Wichita public schools. He served on the boards of many nonprofit organizations, including the Lord’s Diner.

Fahnestock was a welcome presence  at WSU. As a student, he was a Phi Delt and a center fielder on the 1966 baseball team. As a donor to and fundraiser for WSU, he contributed to the renovation of Koch Arena and was active in scores of projects at the alumni association, including the “Drive Your Pride” Kansas License Plate Scholarship Program. In 2000, he even donned a silver astronaut suit to promote the 21st Annual Shocker Auction, the Shocker Odyssey version that he and Chris Shank ’69 co-chaired.

As alumni association president (1992-93), Fahnestock wrote: “Our common bond is our love for Wichita State, and our common goal is to ensure that this great university has every opportunity to provide the same benefits to her new constituents as she provided for us.”

George Fahnestock died Jan. 14 in Wichita.

— Connie Kachel White


Margaret RabbMargaret “Peggy” Y. Rabb joined Wichita State’s English department faculty as an assistant professor and director of the creative writing program in fall 2008.

A poet-scholar-teacher who previously taught creative writing at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Rabb introduced undergraduates to a deeper appreciation of stories, plays and poems and worked with grad students on their poetry and creative nonfiction.

She held bachelor’s degrees in English and French from UNC, a JD from the UNC School of Law and a master’s degree in fine arts from the University of Washington.

She worked for 20 years as a design director for corporate and educational clients and served four years as communications director for an $88 million USAID-funded health care for women and children in the developing world.

As a scholar, she was fascinated by the earliest texts in English. She studied Old English, translated Anglo-Saxon manuscripts and integrated them into her poetry. She had a special interest in the 14th century mystic Julian of Norwich.

Although her intellectual pursuits were far-ranging, poetry was her mainstay. The author of Granite Dives (2000) and three chapbooks, she reveled in, as the Rev. Elizabeth Dowling-Sendor expressed it at Rabb’s funeral service, “the life of submerging herself into the texture and thrum of words, the life of gently and wisely coaxing from those students who had come into her care the experience of delight in that very same texture and thrum.”

Peggy Rabb died Jan. 3 in Chapel Hill.

— Connie Kachel White

Scientific Curiosity

Tony BeugelsdijkTony J. Beugelsdijk ’71 was an experimental chemist and the leader of a team of scientists and engineers who built the U.S. Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory’s cutting-edge robotics and automation program.

Approached in the mid-1980s to develop robotic systems in support of the Human Genome Project, Beugelsdijk led his team in the creation of lab robotics that were used extensively in the mapping of human chromosomes. In 1996, he was awarded the Los Alamos Distinguished Performance Award for his contributions to the project. In 1997, he edited the book Automation Technologies for Genome Characterization.

His scientific curiosity led him to other fields of work, as well, and he served as project leader for the Los Alamos Research Park project and was fascinated by nanoscience, which he once explained this way: “It means controlling individual atoms and molecules. We’ll be able to design new materials, elementally.”

A WSU chemistry graduate, Beugelsdijk also held a master’s degree in management from the University of New Mexico and a doctorate in bio-inorganic chemistry from the University of Illinois.

“Basically,” Beugelsdijk said in 2000, “I’ve always been interested in building tools that can unlock the potential of science — to build tools that can help us generate vast amounts of data that are fundamentally important to mankind.”

Tony Beugelsdijk died Aug. 23, 2009 in Los Alamos, N.M.

— Connie Kachel White

Shocker Sports Hall of Famer

Al LittletonAlfred “Al” N. Littleton ’50, retired golf pro who made a hole-in-one at Wichita’s Sim Park, was inducted into Wichita State’s Pizza Hut Shocker Sports Hall of Fame in 1990.

During his student days at the University of Wichita, Littleton was captain of the golf team for four seasons and named to the all-conference team each season. He also won four amateur crowns, including the Kansas Amateur Golf Tournament twice.

A World War II veteran who served in the U.S. Navy and later was the golf pro at Wichita’s Crestview Country Club, Littleton was the men’s golf coach at Wichita State for 17 years, achieving the most victories of any golf coach in Shocker history.

Al Littleton died Oct. 30, 2009, in Wichita.

Harold S. Akins ’55, retired Wichita public elementary school principal, Nov. 27, 2009.

Paul G. Artines ’88, investment broker at Perkins Smart & Co. Inc., Aug. 3, 2009, Wichita.

Samuel E. Austin ’56, retired Derby (Kan.) public school administrator, Jan. 26, Derby.

James  E. Ayers ’69, a market manager of aggregates at Watco Transportation Services, Wichita, July 8, 2006, Wichita.

Allan E. Baker ’50/56, retired chief of the Voice of America Near East and South Asia Division and director of VOA’s Office of Policy, Nov. 9, 2009, Rockville, Md.

Ira D. Barkman Jr ’50, retired educator, former University of Wichita track athlete and World War II veteran, serving in the U.S. Navy, Feb. 7, Elk Grove, Calif.

Donald R. Barton ’51, retired Episcopal priest, rector of Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church in Branson, Mo., from 1970 until 1991 and veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving from 1951-1954, Feb. 12, Springfield, Mo. 

Ruth K. Barr ’39, retired high school teacher and counselor, Aug. 2, 2009, Placerville, Calif.

Carl A. Bell, retired Fleeson Gooing Coulson & Kitch partner and attorney, former Wichita mayor (1962-63), university friend and community leader who in 1998 was recognized for his longtime commitment and service to the Urban League of Wichita, Feb. 15, Wichita.

Raymond R. Billings, retired Beech aeronautical engineer and university friend, March 6, Wichita.

Shirley R. (Guice) Blenman ’59, homemaker, biological sciences graduate, Dec. 28, 2009, Seattle.

Robert L. Blumenshine ’63, retired Cessna Aircraft Co. engineering specialist, Jan. 31, Wichita.

William A. Bonwell Jr. ’49, attorney specializing in probate and real estate at Bonwell Foster Borniger & Ellis in Wichita, former University of Wichita Alumni Association board member, a commissioned first lieutenant (1952) in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corps 9th Infantry Division, stationed in Goeppingen, Germany, Sept. 1, 2009, Wichita.

Ruby F. Boundy, retired co-owner of Kiowa Drilling Co., community volunteer and university friend, Oct. 25, 2009, Wichita.

Fletcher E. Brenneis fs ’51, commercial sales representative for KG&E and retired Sylvania employee, March 6, Wichita.

Dorothy M. (Wilson) Briscoe ’76, retired high school special education teacher, Aug. 8, 2009, Denver, Colo.

Martin J. Brock ’70, retired art, photography and graphic design teacher and wrestling and golf coach, who taught for 33 years at Bishop Ward High School in Kansas City, Kan., Dec. 22, 2009, Kansas City, Kan.

Marlene M. Brown ’56/65, retired school teacher, coach, principal and administrator for Wichita public schools, former member of the WSU Spirit Squad and an alumna of Pi Kappa Psi and Gamma Phi Beta, Oct. 27, 2009, Wichita.

Mary Jane “Jana” (Jacob) Brown ’39, former Institute of Logopedics teacher and director of Home National Bank, Jan.1, Arkansas City, Kan.

Russell C. Brown Jr. fs ’64, retired truck driver, retired Wichita Area Technical College driving instructor, former WSU football player and member of the National Junior College Football Hall of Fame at Coffeyville, Kan., Jan. 6, Wichita.

Richard W. Bruner ’49, U.S. Navy veteran of WWII, serving aboard the USS Wasatch in the Pacific Theater and a banker with the Union National Bank and the Twin Lakes State Bank who pioneered the use of computers in banking in Kansas, Dec. 15, 2009, Bedford, N.H.

Robert W. Burdge ’51, retired accountant at Elmer Fox & Co., later Grant Thornton, and an Alpha Gamma Gamma alumnus, Jan. 5, Goddard, Kan.

Walter O. Byfield ’51, entrepreneur and retired owner of Byfield Inc. in Andover, Kan., Oct. 6, 2009, Andover.

Guy A. Cauley Jr. fs ’89, former commodity and stock broker, Sept. 16, 2009, Wichita.

Craig L. Caulk ’74, geologist associated with the Ritchie Exploration Co., March 3, Wichita.

Retta Jo (Coker) Christy ’71/88, retired music teacher, Jan. 27, Wichita.

Phyllis M. (Reller) Clay ’87, homemaker and piano and violin teacher, Sept. 7, 2009, Fort Worth, Texas.

Theodore R. Clinger ’53, U.S. Army veteran who served in Korea and Japan, retired accountant at the Phillips Petroleum Co. in Bartlesville, Okla., March 2, Bartlesville.

Gloria A. Clover ’79, retired public elementary school teacher, Nov. 8, 2009, Arkansas City, Kan.

Gladys H. Coffman fs ’92, homemaker, Dec. 9, 2009, Wichita.

Arthur T. Cole Jr. ’97, retired Derby (Kan.) High School drafting and driver’s education teacher, Aug. 19, 2009, Decatur, Ill.

George W. Collins, Fulbright Scholar in Afghanistan, former Wichita State University associate professor of history, retired Air Force Academy history professor, former researcher for the U.S. Department of Defense and a veteran of WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, serving in the Army Air Corps and, in 1967, heading a USAF team evaluating close air support, Feb. 24, Olathe, Kan.

Bob H. Copeland ’50, actor, director, retired chairman of the theater department at Clarion University of Pennsylvania and former high school drama teacher, Jan. 17, Wichita.

Vincent G. Corbett Sr., university friend, retired salesman and author of The Marvelous Maverick, written about his experiences serving as a first lieutenant in the U.S. Navy during WWII, Sept. 20, 2009, Wichita.

John C. Corrin fs ’46, retired postal service executive and WWII veteran wounded in action in 1944 while serving in Patton’s Third Army, Dec. 14, 2009, Wichita.

Howard C. Current ’50, retired attorney and judge who practiced law for more than 50 years, Sept. 2, 2009, Longmont, Colo.

Phyllis Danielson-Kienhoffer ’54, retired vocal music, English and special education teacher, music and vocal performer, former Miss Wichita (1954) and Miss Kansas (1954), alumna of Mu Phi Epsilon and Alpha Tau Sigma, Jan. 22, Buckley, Wash.

F. Delaine (Cook) Dannelley fs ’69, retired Norman Transcript editor, Norman, Okla., and former Wichita Beacon reporter, Jan. 8, Wichita.

Richard A. Deaver ’68, an electrical and automation engineer who worked at Boeing, NCR and McElroy Manufacturing, accomplished pianist and organist, Oct. 24, 2009, Broken Arrow, Okla.

Eric L. Dey ’84/86, professor and associate director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning and former professor at the Center for the Study of Higher and Post-secondary Education at the University of Michigan, Nov. 5, 2009, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Michael William Doll ’72, business and investment consultant, Feb. 18, Wichita.

Betty Jo Durrant ’68/76, retired Wichita public elementary school teacher, Feb. 5, Wichita.

Marge H. Ebel ’62, retired special education teacher, Aug. 31, 2009, Hillsboro, Kan.

Charles E. Ebert fs ’53, customer engineer for the Contol Data Corp., Nov. 5, 2009, Kansas, Okla.

Don G. Ehret ’84, U.S. Air Force veteran with 20 years of service, retired Wichita public school teacher, Aug. 12, 2009, Wichita.

Lawrence R. Eicher ’82, electrical engineer at Westar Energy, Sept. 26, 2009, Rose Hill, Kan.

A. Keith Esch ’55/57, retired educator and school administrator who over the course of his career served as principal, division director of personnel services and assistant superintendent for personnel, Feb. 28, Wichita.

Brian S. Etheridge ’05, Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Department deputy who was killed in the line of duty, Sept. 28, 2009, Wichita.

Judy M. (Hastings) Feil ’70/70, elementary education and secondary math graduate, Oct. 8, 2009, Augusta, Kan.

Guyla S. (Pearl) Foley ’50, teacher, homemaker and business woman, Dec. 1, 2009, Wichita.

Evelyn J. Forrester ’71/92, former junior high school teacher, substance abuse counselor and an adjustor for American Family Insurance, Nov. 16, 2009, Wichita.

Dorothy I. (Dial) Freeman ’65, retired Wichita public elementary school counselor, Nov. 7, 2009, Wichita.

Michael A. Freeman ’74/81, psychology and geology graduate, Nov. 10, 2009, Wichita.

Victor S. Frigon ’49, geologist and president and owner of Advance Consultants Corp. in Midland, Texas, WWII veteran who served as a demolition expert and combat engineer, assigned to build bridges and deactivate anti-tank and personal mines in Europe, Oct. 16, 2009, Midland.

Fenton G. Fly ’56, retired bassist with the Montgomery (Ala.) Symphony Orchestra, retired associate professor of music education at Alabama State University in Montgomery, author of Music Appreciation and former public school music and strings teacher, Jan. 12, Montgomery.

Earl D. Garner ’68/70, retired Boeing planning manager, Dec. 4, 2009, Flint, Texas.

Gary R. Gastineau ’78, president of Tandem Source Co., owner of Compu-Cad Services Inc. and Vietnam War veteran, serving in the U.S. Navy, Dec. 18, 2009, Round Rock, Texas.

David J. Gavin ’85, retired Boeing Computer Security employee, avid Shocker baseball and volleyball fan, Nov. 9, 2009, Wichita.

Milton M. Goering ’60, former men’s football and women’s basketball coach and director of athletics at Bethel College, member of Bethel College’s Athletic Hall of Fame, former high school head guidance counselor and former dean of students at Bethel College and McPherson College, Oct. 15, 2009, Moundridge, Kan.

Ronald R. Gooden ’84, professional musician who played piano, bass and percussion, retired U.S. Navy musician with 20 years of service and retired Veterans Administration computer analyst, Feb. 14, Austin, Texas.

Ellen K. Graber ’40, retired teacher who began her career in a one-room schoolhouse in rural Benton, Kan., Nov. 12, 2009, Belle Plaine, Kan.

Dorene Kay (Downey) Gratopp ’95, anthropology graduate interested and involved in archaeological activities, Feb. 4, Wichita.

Ina A. (Bally) Grimes ’38, retired secretary to the dean of admissions and records at WSU, March 1, Valley Center, Kan.

John M. Grover Jr. ’50/56, retired speech-language pathologist, Jan. 5, Wichita.

Gordon A. Grow ’66, retired vehicle structural engineer at Caterpillar Inc., Jan. 28, Peoria, Ill.

Dolores J. Gwinup ’73/80, retired Veterans Hospital RN, March 5, Wichita.

James T. Haddock ’57, retired self-employed accountant, U.S. Army veteran who served during the Korean conflict, Aug. 22, 2009, Liberal, Kan.

Shirley (Cundiff) Haines, university friend, community and civic volunteer, Feb. 10, Wichita.

Verda D. Hanes ’56/70, retired physical education public school teacher, Sept. 26, 2009, Wichita.

Phoebe A. (McClure) Harter fs ’53, homemaker, Jan. 1, Wichita.

John A. Hartley ’51, retired insurance auditor for the states of Missouri and Oklahoma, Weston Real Estate Co. real estate agent, Alpha Gamma Gamma alumnus, Aug. 23, 2009, Weston, Mo.

William R. Hattan ’43, retired owner of Earl W. Hamman Inc., WWII veteran serving as captain and infantry commander in the U.S. Army, Phi Delta Theta alumnus, Dec. 14, 2009, Wichita.

Edward G. Heibel ’74, retired Cessna engineer, Feb. 25, Havana, Kan.

Joyce L. Hickerson ’92, staff RN at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, Sept. 8, 2009, Douglass, Kan.

Jo M. (Miller) Hiebert ’47, former KSU Student Health Services registered lab and X-ray technician, former Wichita Area Girl Scouts executive staff member and former research specialist in early childhood education in the research division of Wichita public schools, Oct. 8, 2009, Wichita.

Lois M. (Harscher) Hiner ’60, retired elementary school teacher, Feb. 14, Houston.

Terry G. Hines ’72, marketing and sales manager at Fiberglass & Composite Technology, member of Alpha Kappa Psi, July 31, 2009, Wichita.

Elizabeth A. (Covington) Hoagland ’39, homemaker and economics graduate, Oct. 11, 2009, Wichita.

Beverly A. (Czaplinski) Hodge ’83, gifted teacher at Robinson Middle School in Wichita, Nov. 2, 2009, Wichita.

Charles A. Hollmer ’56, former WSU football player, U.S. Army veteran, former high school industrial arts teacher and football and track coach, retired senior program manager of the liquid rocket division at Aero Jet in Sacramento, Calif., July 6, 2009, Fair Oaks, Calif.

Elizabeth K. Holmer, university friend and homemaker, Dec. 12, 2009, Wichita.

Gloria P. (Whitaker) Horton fs ’90, social worker, homemaker, Dec. 13, 2009, Wichita.

Richard D. Howell ’54, an ordained deacon in the United Methodist Church who served a number of churches as minister of music and minister of education, former elementary school music teacher, organist, Jan. 26, Dallas.

Matthew Patrick Hyder ’08, assistant manager at Sugar Sister’s Bakery in Wichita, Jan. 21, Wichita.

Warren B. Jones ’33, retired FHA appraiser, July 28, 2009, Overland Park, Kan.

Jere A. Keckler ’70, retired aerospace flight test engineer, Nov. 8, 2009, San Antonio, Texas.

Beth Ellen Kern ’92, day-care center owner, Jan. 15, Hutchinson, Kan.

Robert D. King ’61, retired Wichita public school vocal music teacher, Feb. 2, Wichita. 

William H. Kinney ’67, retired Boeing electrical engineer, Aug. 21, 2009, Bel Aire, Kan.

Marian (McNabb) Kiser ’64, retired Wichita elementary school teacher, Jan. 29, Wichita.

Herbert G. Kite ’60, retired captain with the Wichita Police Department, Feb. 9, Wichita.

Doris R. (Johnson) Klose ’44, retired teacher and businesswoman, who, along with her husband, opened the first full-service Laundromat in Wichita in 1957, Feb. 1, Wichita.

J. Michael “Mike” Knol ’72/75, high school history teacher, Aug. 23, 2009, Edmond, Okla.

Eugene A. Kopietz ’38, retired Southwestern Bell employee, Dec. 28, 2009, Wichita.

Norma J. (Kinney) Landon fs ’50, former medical technologist, Meals on Wheels volunteer, homemaker, Jan. 1, Leawood, Kan.

John R. Lawn ’72, biological sciences graduate, Nov. 17, 2009, Wichita.

Joan M. (McGowan) Leland ’68, retired high school business teacher, Dec. 1, 2009, Valley Center, Kan.

Diane C. Lewis ’59, award-winning journalist; retired Wichita Eagle writer, critic and editor who served in various positions during her years of service at the daily newspaper; former arts columnist for Active Aging, a Sedgwick County publication for seniors; former public relations practitioner in roles with St. Joseph Hospital and United Way; former staff member in development and public relations offices at WSU; and an active supporter of women’s rights and racial equality, Aug. 29, 2009, Wichita.

Phillip A. Little ’50, retired property manager and Banker’s Life and Casualty insurance agent, U.S. Navy and Civil Air Patrol veteran who served for 12 years, six as a commanding officer, July 29, 2009, Wichita.

Alan O. Lomax fs ’87, professional trumpet player, Feb. 5, Houston.

James L. Maloney ’59, a laboratory investigator and documents examiner for the Wichita Police Department and the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s office, Sept. 17, 2009, Wichita.

Gisela E. Mauden, homemaker and university friend, Sept. 8, 2009, Wichita.

Thomas M. Maxwell ’61/61, contract employee at Sabre Group, Tulsa, Okla., mathematics and psychology graduate, Aug. 9, 2009, Muskogee, Okla.

John W. McCullough ’62, retired Cargill employee, Aug. 23, 2009, Wichita.

Thomas C. McElwain ’85, CPA, former tax partner at Ernst & Young, Nov. 27, 2009, Manassas, Va.

Connie L. (Basta) McGill ’75, president of Environmental Management Inc., Sept. 5, 2009, Wichita.

Norma Jean (Plymell) McKay ’50, retired federal court deputy clerk, Nov. 30, 2009, Wichita.

Daymond D. McVay ’59, retired Cessna Aircraft Co. design engineer, Feb. 13, Arkansas City, Kan.

Cristi R. Medsker ’85, homemaker, Dec. 13, 2009, Wichita.

Ronald G. Mercer ’53, retired geologist, Feb. 8, Edmond, Okla.

Judith M. (French) Millard ’82, artist and partner in Gallery XII in Wichita, former Lindquist Scholar at WSU, Feb. 18, Valley Center, Kan.

Olive W. Milner ’85, retired teacher and elementary school librarian, former school board member, Jan. 28, Hutchinson, Kan.

Donald E. Mortland ’65/67, retired English teacher at Eastern Kentucky University, Sept. 3, 2009, Lexington, Ky.

Stanley W. Mumy ’73, owner of Northwest Quality Services in Kent, Wash., Aug. 28, 2009, Milton, Wash.

Karen L. (Koehn) Mynssen-Santos ’08, registered nurse, Oct. 16, 2009, Melbourne, Australia.

James “Jim” M. Narramore ’73, U.S. Navy veteran and retired Boeing manufacturing engineer who was nicknamed “CropWalk” for his dedication to raising funds for the world’s hungry, Jan. 27, Wichita.

Calvin D. Newsom ’62, retired Boeing aircraft engineer and pilot, Dec. 29, 2009, Wichita.

Vicky D. Nichols ’75/77, retired speech pathologist, Jan. 4, Clarkdale, Ariz.

Dorothea D. (Dixon) Osborne ’47, retired teacher, Sept. 7, 2009, El Dorado, Kan.

Ruby V. Parker fs ’78, retired elementary school assistant principal, Sept. 21, 2009, Wichita.

Wendell A. Peete Sr. fs ’96, former systems administrator at WSU, community services associate of the AmeriCorps program, and owner and manager of P&P Electronics, a Wichita-based computer repair business, Sept. 5, 2009, Wichita.

Preston H. Perry ’49/66, retired elementary school principal, Aug. 7, 2009, Wichita.

Neal H. Potts ’47, retired geologist with Neal Hughes Potts & Associates, Aug. 30, 2009, Edmond, Okla.

Hugo B. Reimer ’56, retired music teacher, July 23, 2009, North Newton, Kan.

Ernest L. Rhodes ’54, retired vice president of finance at Steffen Dairy and previous owner of Wells Bookkeeping, Jan. 1, Mulvane, Kan.

Thomas J. Rice ’84, former ranch hand in Beaumont, Kan., welder and assembler at Case-New Holland in Wichita, Oct. 24, 2009, Wichita.

Jon A. Richmond ’93/01, psychology graduate, motorcycle salesman, Jan. 5, Wichita.

John P. Roeser ’84, Spirit Aerosystems employee, Aug. 5, 2009, Wichita.

Rodney L. Routh ’52, retired vice president and treasurer of Pan Alaska Fisheries, March 2, Bellevue, Wash.

Glenn E. Rudder ’61, retired Boeing engineer, July 11, 2009, Redmond, Wash.

Joseph T. Sandberg ’54, retired partner and petroleum geologist at Anderson & Sandberg Oil & Gas in Wichita, July 13, 2009, Wichita.

Kathryn L. (Woodbridge) Schellenger ’80, former science teacher and Abbott Laboratories medical writer, Sept. 2, 2009, Allen, Texas.

Donald L. Schilling ’48, retired Tillie’s Flower Shop finance controller, Aug. 23, 2009, Wichita.

Henry R. Schmidt ’34, retired accountant, U.S. Army veteran, serving in New Guinea, Australia and the Phillipines, Sept. 6, 2009, Wichita.

Bernard D. Shively ’74, U.S. Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam, retired police officer and insurance adjuster, Jan. 4, Claremore, Okla.

Houser “Bill” Sikes ’62, U.S. Air Force veteran who had a 35-year career in the television industry in Wichita, Feb. 25, Colorado Spring, Colo.

James L. Skolaut ’58, retired U.S. Department of Labor director, Dec. 10, 2009, Wichita.

Lois C. (Corbin) Smith ’41, retired elementary school teacher, Aug. 18, 2008, Derby, Kan.

Mary Katharine (Hensley) Smith ’48/67, retired art teacher and interior designer, Feb. 8, Wichita.

Bill C.F. Snider ’42/57, professor of education at the University of Iowa and research consultant who served on more than 500 graduate dissertation committees, March 9, North Liberty, Iowa.

Mary F. Snyder ’41, secondary education major and retired teacher and librarian, Sept. 27, 2009, Bel Aire, Kan.

Richard A. Soderstom ’71, state of Tennessee employee and former French, Italian and German teacher, Aug. 12, 2009, Nashville, Tenn.

Mary M. (Padgett) Spurrier ’48, retired teacher, Nov. 4, 2009, Wichita.

Jerold R. Stewart ’74, retired special education administrator, psychologist and former director of education and executive director of Heartspring, Jan. 8, Wichita.

Howard L. Strickland Jr. ’78, retired U.S. Air Force medical clerk, Oct. 17, 2009, Wichita.

John Jay Stucky ’49, retired dentist and farmer who was a four-year letterman on the WSU football team and played in the 1948 Raisin Bowl, Feb. 13, Pretty Prairie, Kan.

Lyle G. Sturdy ’43, retired teacher, coach and farmer; WWII U.S. Navy veteran; past WSU Alumni Association board member; University of Wichita football and track athlete inducted into the Pizza Hut Shocker Sports Hall of Fame in 1988, Jan. 30, Hugoton, Kan.

Elizabeth V. (Dukelow) Surtees ’64, retired math and science teacher, Nov. 30, 2009, Wichita.

Daniel D. Tontz Sr. ’41, U.S. Navy veteran who served in WWII, retired attorney, Feb. 7, Wichita.

Lewis M. Wells ’49, owner of Wells Clothing and Gifts; former Plains, Kan., city clerk; and WWII U.S. Navy veteran, Oct. 9, 2009, Plains.

Richard M. Wheeler ’69, retired ABF operations manager, former high school teacher and coach, four-year WSU football letterman, Aug. 7, 2009, Plano, Texas.

Ralph C. Wright ’63/63/65, former North Texas University professor, Feb. 9, Wichita.

Dorothy J. (Ludiker) Wyatt ’53/68, retired middle school and high school English teacher, Dec. 24, 2009, Wichita.

Florence A. (Wright) Young ’34, retired Wichita public school teacher, Sept. 19, 2009, Conway Springs, Kan.

Margaret A. (Jerrick) Youngers ’85, an elementary education major and Wichita public school teacher, Nov. 22, 2009, Garden Plain, Kan.

Sherri L. Yourdon ’71/86, vice president of the Kansas National Education Association, former school counselor and high school English teacher, Aug. 7, 2009, Topeka, Kan.


In Memoriam

George Angle, George Fahnestock and these Wichita State graduates and friends leave lasting legacies.