Spring 2004

In Memoriam


On Feb. 9, The Sunflower, Wichita State’s student newspaper, reported the news of Josephine (Braucher) Fugate’s death and described the former WSU professor of mathematics and statistics and emeritus dean of women with four short words: wise, sincere, loyal, gracious.

Recalling that she often gave money to students who could not afford books and helped others find jobs, Jim Rhatigan, emeritus dean of students, says her commitment to students at Wichita State was boundless.

So was her commitment to mathematics. She started college at the University of Kansas at 16, earned an undergraduate degree in math in 1924 and a graduate degree in 1929. In 1932, she accepted a temporary teaching position in the University of Wichita’s math department, the start of a university relationship that would span decades.

In addition to teaching, Fugate served on the University of Wichita Board of Regents for 15 years; she was the second woman to serve and the first to be elected president, an office she held for three terms.

While Fugate’s contributions to WSU are legion, she told friends that she thought the best thing she ever did for the university was help put Harry Corbin into the presidency. It was Corbin who successfully led the fight to bring WU into the state university system.

Josephine Fugate died Feb. 6 in Wichita at the age of 100.

— Jedd Beaudoin ’01


At the age of 90, Charles Joseph “Joe” Stone earned the honor of being the oldest person to ever receive a degree from Wichita State. Although he enrolled at the University of Wichita in 1934, it wasn’t until 2003’s spring commencement ceremonies that the journalist was awarded a diploma.

A man of diverse talents, Stone worked as a farmhand, an actor and a singer, served in the U.S. Coast Guard, was a street cop and police detective, yet never gave up his first love, storytelling.

He told his stories as an award-winning reporter for such newspapers as The Wichita Eagle, San Diego’s The Evening Tribune and The San Diego Union. He also told them in his columns (his daughter-in-law reports he had two ready for the Borrego Sun at the time of his death), in the screenplays he wrote for the TV western “Gunsmoke” (his late brother, Milburn Stone, played “Doc” on the series) and in his songs.

He loved to sing and even serenaded his fellow 2003 WSU graduates — at a reception held at the Elliott School — with two short melodies and his rendition of the old WU fight song.

Stone was born in Frizzell, Kan., which no longer exists. Hal Steward, Stone’s friend of 40 years, says perhaps the town is no longer in existence because its people “recognized they could never again produce an equal to Charles Joseph Stone.”

Joe Stone died Nov. 29, 2003 in Yucaipa, Calif., a few weeks shy of his 91st birthday.

— Cori Dodds


Robert D. Arnold ’56 graduated from Wichita’s East High School, attended the University of Wichita, where he earned his undergraduate degree in political science, and lived in both Washington, D.C., and Washington state. But it was Alaska that perhaps figured largest in his life and work.

The principal author of the 1974 book Alaska Native Land Claims, Arnold had been writing about and involved with Alaska native issues since 1968. He spent 22 years in Alaska, arriving in 1961 after first visiting the state in the summer of 1954. About that trip, he once said, “I was very taken by Alaska, the frontier quality, the very brisk temperatures, the few paved streets.”

His professional service to the state included working as deputy commissioner of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, as a senior manager with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, as executive director of the Alaska Native Foundation and as executive director of the Alaska Centennial Commission. In 1976, he was named Outstanding Alaska Humanist of the Year.

After relocating to Washington, D.C., he directed a research institute at George Washington University and was on the staff of the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. He retired in 1996 and moved to Olympia, Wash., with his wife Ann.

Arnold died Jan. 11 in Olympia.

— Jedd Beaudoin ’01

Gordon TerwilligerBASIS OF CREATION

Gordon Terwilliger’s WSU career in education spanned almost 40 years, from teaching piano in 1946 to his retirement as dean of fine arts in 1985. But his musical career was even longer.

It began at the age of 6, when he started studying piano in Caldwell, Kan. At 9, he took up the clarinet; by high school he was giving lessons, arranging music for the band and conducting. In 1942 he joined the Navy as a musician, playing in Guadalcanal during World War II. “Music in the service was not a frill,” he once commented. “It was a necessity.”

As dean of fine arts from 1974 to 1985, he oversaw the 1978 move of the dance program from the College of Education and was responsible for many memorable performances, of which his favorite was a massive production of Benjamin Britten’s difficult and haunting War Requiem, directed by Robert Shaw, then-director of the Atlanta Symphony.

In 1985 he received a WSU Alumni Association Recognition Award. Interviewed around that time, he said, “Visual or performing, the arts express the emotions of humanity. The basis of creation is with the emotional side. There’s an intellectual side, but the arts must move you. This makes it all worth it.”

Terwilliger died March 3 in San Mateo, Calif.

— Anna Perleberg

Phillip N. Abney ’53, U.S. Marine Corps veteran and retired aircraft engineer for Boeing, Martin Marietta and Lockheed, Jan. 13, Fortuna, Calif.

Anna M. Adrian ’62, retired teacher, Dec. 31, 2003, Wichita.

Phyllis L. (Winkleman) Allen ’74, retired nurse, Dec. 24, 2003, Goddard, Kan.

John T. Arnold fs ’48, CEO of John T. Arnold Associates Inc. and 2003 Wichita State Trustees Award recipient, Jan. 25, Wichita.

David W. Arvidson ’91, Wichita school district teacher, Dec. 21, 2003, Mount Hope, Kan.

Virgil Bahr ’60, cartographer for American Protective Services, June 9, 2003, Arnold, Mo.

Jean (Fyfe) Baird, former dean of women at Alma College in Alma, Mich., and at Wichita University, Dec. 27, 2003, East Tawas, Mich.

Marilyn K. (Allen) Bartlett ’62, retired teacher, Dec. 26, 2003, Oakland, N.J.

John S. Barwick, retired geologist and friend of the university, Feb. 4, Wichita.

William J. Barton ’78, retired owner and operator of Barton Pneu-Tech and U.S. Air Force veteran, Dec. 22, 2003, Lewiston, Mich.

Maurita S. (Hurtig) Beemer ’57, homemaker and property manager, Nov. 29, 2003, Newport, Ore.

Roy L. Behl ’71, retired Wichita tavern owner, air traffic controller and WWII naval pilot, Jan. 26, Wichita.

Louie Beller, friend of the university, U.S. Navy veteran and 40-year Boeing employee, who worked at Cape Canaveral, Fla., on the Apollo manned mission to the moon in the 1970s, April 15, 2003, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Gary P. Belshe ’75, retired police officer, former Boeing Employees Association ranger and school security officer, Jan. 9, Wichita.

Wayne D. Bender ’50/69, retired Pleasant Valley Middle School teacher, Wichita, Nov. 11, 2003, Andover, Kan.

Rex B. Benway ’41, retired geologist, Sept. 23, 2003, Bixby, Okla.

Ruth (Wannow) Berry ’86, retired director and teacher with St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool, Cheney, Kan., Nov. 10, 2003, Cheney.

Richard T. Bick, university friend, executive vice president of Koch Industries and president of Koch Exploration Co., Jan. 19, Englewood, Fla.

Mary J. Blood ’36, retired pediatrician, Jan. 7, Wichita.

Goldie L. (Nickens) Bowen ’72/78/87, Hadley Middle School, Wichita, vice principal, Nov. 28, 2003, Wichita.

Charles L. Brandt ’62, retired accountant and former Coleman Co. treasurer, Oct. 21, 2003, Bedford, Texas.

Edwin J. Brimmer ’39/55, retired music educator for Wichita public schools, Aug. 5, 2003, Wichita.

Larry R. Brooks ’78, poet and English teacher, U.S. Air Force veteran and retired CIA agent, Jan. 11, Henderson, Nev.

David D. Broomfield ’76, attorney with Klenda, Mitchell, Austerman and Zuercher LLC, Wichita, who was a premier tennis player at Wichita’s East High School and went on to earn collegiate accolades at WSU, where he won a number of Missouri Valley Conference doubles titles, Jan. 31, Wichita.

Hartman L. Brothern ’63, Nov. 15, 2003, Bagley, Minn.

Mark A. Brown ’73, police lieutenant and 30-year veteran of the Department of Public Safety who was active with the training of motorcycle police officers, Jan. 15, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Robert S. Buffum ’58, former Sperry Flight Systems engineer, Phoenix, Ariz., and former  sales manager at Loden Spring & Suspension Ltd., Wichita Falls, Texas, Oct. 21, 2003,  Denver, Colo.

Dorothy M. Bumgarner fs ’36, homemaker, Jan. 16, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Maurice M. Byrd ’40/40, retired engineer with McDonnell and Boeing, Nov. 2, 2000, Snohomish, Wash.

Dorothy L. (Crippen) Carpenter ’37, retired Hays, Kan., elementary school teacher, Dec. 31, 2003, Wichita.

Doris M. Carson, WSU associate professor emeritus of library, April 25, 2003, Salina, Kan.

Elizabeth A. Cary, friend of the university and retired co-owner of The Overhead Door Co. of Wichita, Nov. 29, 2003, Wichita.

Lois M. (Hershey) Church ’38, retired math and special education teacher, Dec. 23, 2003, Lancaster, Pa.

David H. Clymer, university friend and retired owner and editor of the El Dorado Times, Dec. 12, 2003, El Dorado, Kan.

Bill E. Confer fs ’66, former teacher and retired employee of the Dr Pepper Bottling Co., Dec. 8, 2003, Wichita.

Jean Anna C. (Eberhardt) Cook ’39, homemaker, Sept. 5, 2001, El Cerrito, Calif.

Byrlee (Corbin) Davidson ’65/71, retired English teacher, June 10, 2002, Wichita.

Paul G. Davis ’61, retired Baptist minister and director of missions for Sedgwick County Association of Southern Baptists, Jan. 7, Wichita.

Kathleen (Reder) Deardorff ’55, of Wichita, retired artist and homemaker, Jan. 15, while in Phoenix, Ariz.

Edwin L. “Larry” Easley fs ’03, former social studies teacher and longtime WSU student and member of the Student Government Association (Easley spent 24 years as a student at Wichita State and was a member of SGA at the time of his death.), Feb. 3, Wichita.

Melinda J. (Pruitt) Edwards ’68, elementary educator, Dec. 18, 2000, Overland Park, Kan.

Donald E. Eichinger ’43/46, retired research and development chemist, Nov. 28, 2003, Lisle, Ill.

Gerhardt C. Eikermann ’37, retired superintendent of schools, Oct. 2, 2001, Vista, Calif.

Robert P. Erwin, U.S. Air Force veteran, retired T.M. Deal Lumber Co. executive and friend of the university, Nov. 21, 2003, Wichita.

Elizabeth L. “Betty” Etnire ’38, Central Michigan University professor emeritus of languages (Spanish), Nov. 24, 2003, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Dorothy C. Evans ’35, retired co-owner of Evans Motor Co., Dec. 9, 2003, Wichita.

Jonathan Ewert, retired president of Wescon Products Co., licensed professional engineer and university friend, Nov. 28, 2003, Hesston, Kan.

Mary N. Farha ’49/49, retired elementary school teacher, April 1, 2002, Washington, D.C.

Helen M. (Goodin) Fine ’38, homemaker and longtime hospital volunteer, Nov. 7, 2003, Boynton Beach, Fla.

Don L. Finney ’50, retired superintendent of the Orange County Youth Guidance Center, Nov. 20, 2002, Anaheim, Calif.

Mark D. Fletcher fs ’97, substitute teacher, Jan. 10, Ponca City, Okla.

John P. Fowler ’76, retired industrial arts teacher and Boeing employee, Dec. 7, 2003, Union, Wash.

John L.D. Frazier, former chairman and CEO of Full Service Beverage Co. and university friend, Dec. 26, 2003, Wichita.

Ruth E. Frey ’28/57, retired physical education teacher, April 30, 2003, Wichita.

Theodore L. Frith ’96, teacher, April 30, 2003, Wichita.

Dorothy (Herron) Fuller ’48, retired high school secretary, Aug. 13, 2003, Mill Valley, Calif.

Mary R. (Phillips) Fuller ’34, homemaker, Jan. 27, Wichita.

Bernadette K. Gardiner, university friend, April 12, 2003, Wichita.

Geneva C. Gerlach, university friend and retired nurse, Nov. 16, 2003, Wichita.

Robert G. Godfrey ’52, rheumatologist, Dec. 16, 2003, Overland Park, Kan.

Robert P. Gould ’49, attorney, Dec. 23, 2000, Shawnee Mission, Kan.

Faeola M. (Cox) Grable fs ’49, freelance artist and illustrator, secretary of the Wichita Arts Guild, Feb. 6, Wichita.

Ruby M. (Manker) Green ’35, retired private secretary, March 6, 2002, Tulsa, Okla.

Ruthie M. Green, retired Cessna employee and university friend, Dec. 11, 2003, Wichita.

Glorene W. (Gosch) Hall ’31, retired high school principal, Dec. 22, 1995, Sun City, Ariz.

Jerry M. Hall ’89, Derby Middle School science teacher, Jan. 31, Derby, Kan.

Kermit T. Harper Sr., university friend, Jan. 7, Wichita.

Donna S. (Hedburg) Harrington ’71/76, geriatric therapist and mental health professional, Sept. 24, 2002, Mount Ayr, Wash.

Nancy L. (Bass) Hayles ’49, retired elementary school teacher and church musician, Nov. 21, 2002, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Walter S. Henrion fs ’33, former vice-chairman of the board with Woodmen Accident & Life Co., Nov. 11, 2001, Lancaster, Neb.

Elsie M. (Golden) Hill ’41, retired accountant, June 17, 2001, Wichita.

Dorothea E. (Klag) Hudson ’31, homemaker, Nov. 30, 1999, Ulysses, Kan.

Lois (Webb) Hulland ’62, retired elementary school teacher, June 30, 2001, Delaware, Okla.

Harland H. Hutcheson, retired Boeing Wichita tooling supervisor and friend of the university, Feb. 4, 2003, Wichita.

Daniel M. Inman ’49, retired school superintendent, April 30, 2002, Holbrook, Ariz.

Rosie L. Jamison, homemaker, daycare provider and university friend, Nov. 9, 2003, Wichita.

Eugene B. Jennings ’55/63, captain in the U.S. Air Force and civilian employee of the Air Force Audit Agency, Nov. 25, 2003, Kettering, Ohio.

Alfred P. Killian, retired Pizza Hut Inc. director of purchasing and friend of the university, Dec. 19, 2003, Wichita.

Robert M. Kiskadden fs ’42, professor of art and assistant dean of WSU’s College of Fine Arts during his 35-year university career, a WWII veteran and member of the Chisholm Trail Antique Gun Association, whose work in oil and watercolor media earned widespread exhibitions, prizes, purchase awards, special merit awards and awards of excellence, who served as president and board member of the Wichita Artist Guild, charter member of the Kansas Watercolor Society and the Kansas Academy of Oil Painters and served on the Governor’s Advisory Council of the Kansas Cultural Arts Commision, Feb. 23, Carmel, Calif.

Maxie Christine Klag ’30, homemaker and retired teacher, Dec. 15, 2003, Wichita.

Yvonne F. Koeppen, university friend and retired licensed practical nurse, Jan. 9, Clearwater, Kan.

Jerome I. “Jerry” Koran ’70/70, Sedgwick County house appraiser, Jan. 21, Wichita.

Lisa A. (Russell) Krause ’85, operations manager for Kansas Oxygen, Jan. 5, Hutchinson, Kan.

Sylvia A. (Neville) Lassak ’44, artist, March 12, 2001, Dunkirk, N.Y.

Ralph L. Latimer, World War II veteran, former Dairy Farmers of America advertising manager, retired Southwest Missouri Cable Co. advertising manager and friend of the university, Feb. 2, Carthage, Mo.

John W. Liggett, retired investor and stock market broker and friend of the university, Dec. 16, 2003, Brookings, Ore.

Eva Ligon, university friend and driver for The Breakthrough Club, Dec. 5, 2003, Wichita.

John M. Lindstrom, friend of the university and retired Boeing inspector, Jan. 15, Wichita.

Tony W. Loopey, retired U.S. Air Force, Boeing logistics analyst and university friend, Nov. 20, 2003, Derby, Kan.

Lera Mae Loudermilk, homemaker and friend of the university, Jan. 31, Wichita.

Timothy D. MacGill ’94, flight test engineer for Bombardier and violinist in the Westlink Christian Church orchestra, Jan. 15, Wichita.

Averille H. Macy ’81, retired library media specialist, March 2, 2002, Wichita.

Emilia “Millie” Manning, retired real estate and insurance businesswoman and university friend, Dec. 30, 2003, Wichita.

Daisy B. Maris, U-Stor manager and friend of the university, Jan. 21, Wichita.

Edwin P. Matthews ’35, retired geologist, Aug. 1, 2002, Eureka, Kan.

Anna G. (Hite) McComb ’32, homemaker, March 25, 1999, Minneapolis, Minn.

Dale W. McCoy ’50, owner of Southeast Kansas Broadcasting Corp., Dec. 24, 2003, Chanute, Kan.

Orpha A. (Highbarger) McCune ’38, retired teacher, Dec. 6, 2003, Hutchinson, Kan.

Jean McLean ’43, retired Battle Creek, Mich., Public Schools elementary school teacher, Jan. 28, Columbus, Ohio.

Robert J. McLeod ’47/69, accountant and economist, Sept. 18, 1992, Shawnee Mission, Kan.

Marsha S. McMullen ’91, claims adjuster for the Veterans Administration, Feb. 12, 2003, Wichita.

Elizabeth H. Mettling, retired teacher, home economics supervisor and friend of the university, Nov. 12, 2003, Hutchinson, Kan.

Mary F. Meuser ’44, retired psychiatric social work counselor and teacher at the University of Chicago’s Illinois College of Medicine, Jan. 11, Wichita.

Agnes M. Miller, retired beautician and university friend, Dec. 10, 2003, Wichita.

Larry E. Miller ’68, chief of structures for Learjet’s engineering and stress division, Jan. 26, Wichita.

Connie R. Mills, co-owner of Tree Top Nursery and Landscaping and university friend, Jan. 17, Wichita.

J. Drue Missildine ’32, retired Central Steel Building Co. manager, May 23, 2001, San Jose, Calif.

Betty L. Morgan ’65, retired teacher, July 25, 2002, El Dorado, Kan.

Myrna Morse, retired school secretary and friend of the university, Dec. 11, 2003, Azle, Texas.

Elsie B. Myers, homemaker and rural elementary grade school teacher, university friend, Dec. 17, 2003, Kansas City, Mo.

Marion D. Myers ’38, retired petroleum geologist and World War II veteran, Feb. 27, 2002, Madison, Miss.

Marjorie Nienstedt, friend of the university, homemaker, assistant postmaster and bookkeeper, Feb. 2, Antelope, Kan.

Ernest “Ernie” A. Ochel, retired vice president and general manager of Boeing Wichita, who oversaw the Saturn V space program, and friend of the university, Jan. 9, Wichita.

Harold L. Parker, retired family practice physician and friend of the university, Dec. 21, 2003, Wichita.

Mildred E. (Smith) Pearce ’71, social worker, Nov. 21, 2003, Boulder, Colo.

Mary E. Perry fs ’45, retired middle school secretary, Nov. 17, 2003, Wichita.

Mary M. Peter, homemaker and university friend, Nov. 24, 2003, Wichita.

Robert E. Peters, university friend and semi-retired contractor, Dec. 21, 2003, Wichita.

John E. Piper ’53, businessman, family counselor and ordained priest in the Episcopal Church, July 24, 2003, Salt Lake City, Utah.

John W. Poos, university friend, accountant and partner in Corporate Finance Associates, Wichita, and a USAF captain during WWII, Dec. 10, 2003, Wichita.

Mildred M. Powers ’30, homemaker and community volunteer, Nov. 23, 2003, Wichita.

John E. Prechtel, retired insurance agency owner, real estate investor and university friend, April 29, 2003, Wichita.

Anna Doris Pruitt, homemaker and friend of the university, Feb. 8, Goddard, Kan.

George W. Pyle, retired Hutchinson city manager and namesake of the George Pyle Fellowship at the Hugo Wall Center for Urban Studies at Wichita State, Jan. 1, Hutchinson, Kan.

Mary Jane (Mader) Ralls ’45, homemaker, Dec. 24, 2003, Houston Texas.

Eileen (Weir) Rankin ’36, homemaker, April 20, 2002, West Palm Beach, Fla.

Charles S. Rawlings ’58, retired economist, Oct. 31, 2003, Columbia, Mo.

Dale V. Reed, university friend and owner of Reed Brown & Associates Inc., Nov. 24, 2003, Wichita.

Joseph D. Reid, former prospector for Southern Union Gas, former vice president of West Ohio Gas and friend of the university, Dec. 15, 2003, Wichita.

J. Mark Richardson, geologist and friend of the university, Feb. 2, Wichita.

Donald Rindt, WWII veteran who served in the U.S. Army, retired Humphrey Product Inc. director and secretary-treasurer and friend of the university, Dec. 1, 2003, Wichita.

Beulah A. (Ferrell) Robb ’57, retired elementary school teacher, Dec. 18, 2003, Wichita.

Betty S. Robinson, one of the first women tax collectors for the Kansas Department of Revenue and a friend of the university, Dec. 25, 2003, Wichita.

Glen E. Rochat ’57, U.S. Army veteran and retired teacher and coach, Dec. 23, 2003, Wichita.

Elizabeth B. (Ward) Root ’32, secondary school teacher, Nov. 14, 2001, Broken Arrow, Okla.

Marjorie V. Rose, retired educator and friend of the university, Jan. 7, Wichita.

Virginia M. Rose, university friend, homemaker and retired nurse, Dec. 24, 2003, Anthony, Kan.

Carolyn L. (Anderson) Rozof ’95, paralegal secretary with Ayesh Law Offices, Dec. 2, 2003, Olathe, Kan.

W. Patrick Russell ’67, former State of Kansas employee and member of the board of the Shawnee Community Mental Health Center, Dec. 5, 2003, Topeka, Kan.

Albert H. Schaar, retired Beech Aircraft employee and university friend, Nov. 25, 2003, Wichita.

Elaine L. Schaefer, university friend and former Cessna Citation employee, Jan. 4, Wichita.

Leon C. Schnittker ’63, retired owner of The Poster Co., Jan. 15, Wichita.

Peggy L. (Law) Scott ’69, general sales manager  for Clear Channel Communications’ Wichita radio stations KRZZ and KKRD, Feb. 25, Wichita.

Gwen G. Seefeld, university friend and retired owner of The Enchanted Cottage, Dec. 1, 2003, Wichita.

Richard H. Seng, retired Koch Materials chemical engineer, co-owner of Jim’s Water & Power Sports and friend of the university, Dec. 21, 2003, Louisville, Ky.

Buford L. Shankel ’51, WWII veteran serving in Japan and the Philippines with the U.S. Army, former attorney and real estate agent, Nov. 18, 2003, Mission, Kan.

Frank Shaw, university friend and retired Coleman Co. executive vice president, Dec. 3, 2003, Wichita.

Marcile S. Sheck ’69/71, retired Southwestern Bell customer service representative, Nov. 21, 2003, Wichita.

Martha G. Shelden ’33, retired professor, Nov. 19, 2002, Lubbock, Texas.

Susan S. (Monier) Shellings ’76, elementary educator, Aug. 6, 2003, Buhler, Kan.

Theodore W. Shidler ’44, retired Honeywell employee, Nov. 8, 2003, Salem, S.C.

Carroll L. Shonk ’71, retired Boeing Wichita senior military buyer, Dec. 14, 2003, Wichita.

James W. Shores ’80, professor of criminal justice at Mississippi Valley State University, March 21, 2003, Itta Bena, Miss.

David D. Shreves ’80, retired legal assistant, Jan. 12, Emporia, Kan.

Gary D. Siemens ’59, retired men’s clothing manager, Nov. 23, 2003, Buhler, Kan.

John F. Sigel, retired plumbers and pipefitters local union, No. 441, and university friend, Dec. 24, 2003, Wichita.

Virginia L. (Pantier) Smith ’40, homemaker, April 19, 2003, Hutchinson, Kan.

Margot L. (Cloutier) Soule ’40, homemaker, Jan. 25, 2002, Louisville, Ky.

Weston “Wes” Stambaugh, friend of the university, Jan. 21, Great Bend, Kan.

Ray Steakley, retired Congregational United Church of Christ pastor and university friend, April 24, 2003, Mulvane, Kan.

Katherine B. Harvill Starnes ’72, retired college preparatory English teacher at Cheney, Kan., High School, where she also coached the forensics squad and directed school plays, Jan. 26, Wichita.

Ruth E. Steinberg, friend of the university and homemaker, Jan. 22, Wichita.

John “Jack” K. Stetler ’53, associate professor emeritus of music at Morehead State University, Morehead, Ky., Dec. 15, 2003, Wichita.

Vernell B. Stidham, retired School Services Leasing employee and friend of the university, Dec. 21, 2003, Wichita.

Conrad C. Swope ’59, retired businessman, Dec. 15, 2003, Yates Center, Kan.

Larre E. Tarrant ’59, professional actor, associate director of the Cleveland Playhouse, director in residence for the summer theater season at Chautauqua Institution in New York, computer salesman and U.S. Army veteran, Feb. 19, 2003, Cleveland, Kan.

Dorothy (Dunn) Taylor ’45, homemaker, Sept. 27, 2002, Germantown, Tenn.

George R. Thacker ’47/49, retired senior programs analyst, April 14, 2000, St. Francis, Kan.

Rhonda R. (Darnell) Thomas ’91, SRS employment specialist, Dec. 6, 2003, Wichita Raymond P. Thome, university friend and retired construction company owner, Jan. 7, Goddard, Kan.

Evelyn R. Thompson fs ’79, retired English teacher, March 11, 2003, Wichita.

E. Thayne Tolle ’65, retired director of music at Jesuit College Prep School, Dec. 18, 2003, Richardson, Texas.

Cleve R. “Bob” Tolleson ’77/82, Horizon deputy program manager at Raytheon Aircraft Co., Nov. 23, 2003, Andover, Kan.

Elizabeth A. (Greene) Venters ’41, former driver for Craig County Department of Human Services, Nov. 11, 2001, Woodland Hills, Calif.

Patrick W. Vickers, university friend and entrepreneur whose most recent involvement was with Real Foods Inc., Nov. 10, 2003, Leawood, Kan.

Lawrence A. “Larry” Wallace ’42, retired newspaper labor relations specialist, March 1, Port Orange, Fla.

Larry E. Ward ’68, former Boeing Wichita employee, former Butler Manufacturing employee and a vice president with Farm Credit Services in several Kansas and Missouri locations; Dec. 19, 2003, Longwood, Fla.

Ray G. Warren, president of Warren Family LLC Land and Development, member of the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission and friend of the university, Jan. 2, Derby, Kan.

Ernest H. Wertzberger ’68, retired teacher and coach, Nov. 29, 2003, Kingman, Kan.

Marcella A. White, friend of the university, Dec. 7, 2003, Wellington, Kan.

C. Sam Whitson ’36, semi-retired general practitioner, June 11, 2001, El Sobrante, Calif.

N. Janice (Weppler) Wilkerson ’73, retired high school teacher, Dec. 24, 2003, Burrton, Kan.

C. Howard Wilkins, former senior vice president with Prudential Financial and university friend for whom WSU’s Wilkins Stadium is named, April 1, 2003, Wichita.

Robert E. Williams ’40, retired geologist, Dec. 31, 2003, Wichita.

G. Marie (Miller) Wine ’50, retired graphic artist, April 20, 2003, Wichita.

Carl L. Wright ’72, retired Boeing scheduler, Dec. 29, 2003, Augusta, Kan.

Ernest E. Young, university friend and retired KG&E plant operator, Jan. 6, Wichita.

Deanna L. (Koll) Zeller ’68, Mayberry Magnet school teacher, Jan. 6, Wichita.