Fall 1999

In Memoriam

Dr. Max Scott Allen '33, May 23, retired professor of medicine at the University of Kansas, Prairie Village, Kan.

Jack J. Armstrong, May 9, retired dentist and WSU friend, Wichita.

Kenneth M. Banie '33, Oct. 31, 1996, retired International Harvester equipment sales consultant, East Moline, Ill.

Toy E. Barnes '79, June 28, retired physician's assistant, Wichita.

William E. Batson '76, July 21, Waukegan, Ill.

Vera Beachy, July 12, former medical records employee and WSU friend, Rockford, Ill.

John E. Beebe Jr. '37, Jan. 23, 1993, Naples, Fla.

Malcolm Black, May 14, retired attorney and university friend, Wichita.

Frances Blum Branson, June 10, homemaker and WSU friend, Wichita.

Walter W. Breer, May 19, farmer and Saline County Highway Department road grade operator and university friend, Topeka, Kan.

William F. Brown '58, Sept. 8, 1998, Encinitas, Calif.

Kenneth B. "Bud" Bruce, May 22, former Star-Journal newspaper owner and WSU friend, Hillsboro, Kan.

Bruce M. Bugner, June 16, Floor Coverings International owner and WSU friend, Wichita.

Samuel L. Bushey, June 14, sales manager, Temperature Control Inc. and WSU friend, Evanston, Ill.

Katherine E. (Hubbard) Campbell fs '74, July 8, retired Institute of Logopedics social worker, Flat Rock, N.C.

Donald G. Cannon '57, May 17, retired Tony's Pizza Service supervisor and former pharmaceutical company salesman, Salina, Kan.

Leora A. (Barnes) Casner '33, July 16, farm wife, former physical education and health teacher, Milton, Kan.

Lois M. (Dutrow) Chew '69, July 18, elementary school teacher, Mulvane, Kan.

Chauncey G. "Galen" Christian '49, June 25, retired businessman whose enterprises included the Christian Oil Co., Paola, Kan.; Lake-n-Dale Convenience Store and Gasoline Station, Hillsdale, Kan.; and Paola, Hillsdale, Louisburg and Osawatomie Phillips 66 service stations, Paola, Kan.

Lloyd M. Clothier fs '36, May 15, retired Mobile Oil Co. supervisor, Wichita.

Maurice W. Corcoran, May 14, retired FBI agent, retired Wichita Crime Commission managing director and WSU friend, Wichita.

John J. Corrigan '81, June 30, retired Boeing Wichita engineer, Wichita.

Norman G. Cubbage '74, July 9, retired elementary school teacher and former Wichita Police Department reserve officer, Andale, Kan.

James W. Cummins '76, June 6, New York Life Insurance agent, Wichita.

Harold Dabler, May 30, retired Employer's Mutual Casualty Co. resident vice president and WSU friend, Wichita.

Douglas D. Darrow '70/74, Dec. 26, 1997, State of the Arts Electronics president, Aurora, Colo.

Keith R. David '62, July 6, William Jewell College philosophy professor, Liberty, Mo.

Charles W. Denney '50, Dec. 5, 1998, retired Halliburton division sales representative, Amarillo, Texas.

Mack E. Dickey, June 21, retired Boeing Wichita employee and university friend, Omaha, Neb.

Paul D. Dirksmeyer '47, Aug. 15, 1996, former professor of music at Louisiana State University, Dover, Ark.

David L. Dryden, July 16, retired pianist and photographer and WSU friend, Wetumka, Okla.

Dorothy M. Dunkelberger fs '54, July 16, retired teacher, Wichita.

Irma Jean (Larrabee) Evans '84, July 25, retired WSU librarian, Jasper, Texas.

Joseph W. Francis '65, June 9, retired Boeing Wichita engineering program manager, Wichita.

Eugene "Gene" Friedman fs '40, June 7, Nu-Way owner and former David's owner, Wichita.

Dr. Gregory G. Greider '75/77, May 9, University of Louisville assistant vice president of student services and former dean of students at Washburn University, Louisville, Ky.

Lucille A. Morris Guenther, July 22, homemaker and WSU friend, Sun City, Ariz.

Burnill Buford "Bud" Healan '51, Aug. 13, retired Air Force major, former Fruhauf Uniform Co. national sales manager and KWBB Radio general manager, Alva, Okla.

Clarence Paul Hildebrand, May 28, farmer and university friend, Stafford, Kan.

H. Willard Hill, July 4, retired First National Bank executive vice president, senior trust officer and WSU friend, Wichita.

Rev. George W. Hoglan, May 19, retired Presbyterian minister, U.S. Navy chaplain and university friend, Wichita.

Marie E. (Wood) Holstad '43, July 7, homemaker, Wichita.

Audrey L. (Wolf) Hoover, June 4, retired WSU librarian, Wichita.

Micki J. Iverson, July 6, retired WSU controller's secretary, Wichita.

Julius J. Johns, July 19, farmer, former Johns Piper Sales owner-operator and WSU friend, Johnson, Kan.

Dale Morris Johnson '47, Aug. 4, retired chemistry professor and former City of Wichita Sewage and Water Department chemist, Lawrence, Kan.

Margaret R. "Peggy" (Tack) Knoch '39, May 12, homemaker, former secretary to the industrial manager at the Wichita Chamber of Commerce and former American Red Cross social worker, York, Pa.

Lewis E. "Lew" Korn fs '50, July 10, retired Sedgwick County budget analyst, Wichita.

Larry Noel Kuhn '96, May 30, Boeing Wichita material planner, Mulvane, Kan.

Veeda J. (Wear) Labarge '80, June 28, registered nurse, Concordia, Kan.

Dr. John Foster Lance, June 4, retired Wichita Clinic orthopedic surgeon and WSU friend, Wichita.

Irene J. (Haines) Leet, May 21, artist and university friend, El Dorado, Kan.

Waldo W. Leisy, July 17, former ETS Graphics owner and WSU friend, Wichita.

Rex G. Lewellyn '74, June 6, owner of Anderson Rushing and King Steam Action Cleaners, Manhattan, Kan.

G. Marcene Locke '78, former teacher, Fort Worth, Texas.

Dorsey L. Long-Perrone '76, Aug. 3, EFTEC vice president of human resources, Rochester, Mich.

Ruth (Robison) McCausland '22, Aug. 1, homemaker, Wichita.

Bruce E. McGrew '61, Aug. 10, artist known nationally for his watercolors, who served as artist-in-residence for the U.S. Department of the Interior at national parks in Hawaii, California and the Southwest, and professor of art at the University of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz.

Dr. William F. McGuire, May 27, retired pediatrician and WSU friend, Wichita.

Lillian G. (Garrett) McLean '38, Aug. 9, retired juvenile detention officer, Wichita.

Helen W. (Dorman) Miller '61/61, July 25, retired teacher, Carrollton, Texas.

Neva S. (Reinhart) Miller fs '42, May 16, homemaker, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Louis Sands Montre '71, March 26, 1997, owner of M-Tech Services, Advance, N.C.

Keith Carlton Moreland '48, June 14, retired Boeing Wichita computer programmer, Wichita.

Charlene L. (Lukens) Myers '78/81, July 28, retired Sterling College Department of Education chairman and professor, Hutchinson, Kan.

Almeda S. (Richey) Newhall '40, April 9, Palm Harbor, Fla.

Clinton Park '50, May 9, former Park Monument Co. of Wichita owner and founder of Permeco Inc., West Covina, Calif.

Robert H. Prouse '79, Oct. 7, 1997, former psychiatric staff nurse at St. Joseph's Hospital, Anthony, Kan.

David C. "Chad" Ransdell '64, July 29, lawyer, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Francis L. Rees fs '91, June 26, retired Santa Fe Railroad track engineer, Pensacola, Fla.

Ethel C. "Carolyn" (McMahon) Riley '44, July 23, 1998, Oklahoma City, Okla.

J. Althea (Crawford) Sanders '22, Oct. 16, 1991, Winterset, Iowa.

Charles E. "Chuck" Schleicher, June 4, Hometown Pizza co-owner and operator, and WSU friend, Overland Park, Kan.

Donald J. Schneider '60, July 4, former Beech Aircraft and Boeing Airplane employee and retired Federal Aviation Administration official who served as division manager of the Kansas City, Mo, Air Navigation/Traffic Control Facility and who received the Presidential Rank award from Ronald Reagan for his contributions to aviation safety, Olathe, Kan.

Bernhardt "Pete" Schreiner '56, June 5, former educator and mayor, Douglass, Kan., Fort Worth, Texas.

Stephen L. Schuetz, July 31, WSU friend and real estate developer and investments and Kansas Quality Hardwood Flooring Center owner and operator, Wichita.

Mildred Schuler '14, June 1, retired commercial artist, Wichita.

Bob H. Scott '60, May 18, former Garden City Community College extension instructor, Garden City, Kan.

Dr. Ferris N. Shadid, June 21, retired dentist and WSU friend, Wichita.

Darrell L. Smith '96/96, May 22, Raytheon Aircraft Co. jig builder, Wichita.

Wayne A. Smyth '72, June 6, IET of Kansas electrical engineer, Andover, Kan.

George F. Stables '50, June 14, retired director of executive services, Phillips Petroleum Co., Bartlesville, Okla.

Geraldine (Hunter) Stables '52, July 27, 1996, Bartlesville, Okla.

Fran C. Stephens, April 26, retired WSU professor of English, Wichita.

Dorothy E. Tanner '77, Aug. 12, retired Trinity Hospital, Dodge City Medical Center nurse and Kansas Soldiers' Home, Ft. Dodge nursing supervisor, Dodge City, Kan.

Joanna (Jameson) Unrein '77, June 6, homemaker, Whitewater, Kan.

The Rev. Johnson E. West '48, July 28, Episcopal priest who served as Vicar of Emmanuel Church on Orcas Island, and retired USAF lieutenant colonel and Air Force chaplain awarded the Bronze Star for his service and ministry to airmen and soldiers at Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Republic of Viet Nam. Fr. West retired as Rector of the Orcas Parish in 1984 and then served as interim priest to rural congregations throughout northwestern Washington and as chaplain to the American Legion and the Retired Air Force Association, Olga, Wash.

H. Edward Wetz '43, June 3, retired hospital medical technologist, Kiowa, Kan.

Kay E. (Watkins) Wiley '71/91, Aug. 2, retired teacher, Rose Hill, Kan.

James H. Williams, June 15, owner, Williams Hardware and WSU friend, Wichita.

William E. "Bill" Woodard '47, June 14, attorney, Wichita.

Lillian (Rossow) Yeargan '74, July 9, retired head of the history department at Wichita Southeast High School, who also taught at North High and Robinson Junior High, and who developed a course to serve students in drug and alcohol recovery that became a model for the Wichita school district, Harrison, Ark.

Kenneth E. Yeoman '62, Nov. 30, 1998, retired founder and owner of KEY Industries Corp., an engineering firm, San Antonio, Texas.

Myrta E. (Whitney) Youngmeyer fs '35, Jan. 30, homemaker, Southbury, Conn.


In Memoriam

Dr. Max Scott Allen '33, May 23, retired professor of medicine at the University of Kansas, Prairie Village, Kan. Jack J. Armstrong, May 9, retired dentist and WSU friend, Wichita. Kenneth M. Banie '33, Oct. 31, 1996, retired International...

Legacy of Service

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