Winter 2001

Director's Corner


Our Shocker family has been deeply touched by the events of Sept. 11 and those that have followed.

In response to the tragedies, many of us have changed the way we relate with our family, our friends and our community. Many of us have evaluated how we go about living our “normal” lives. Some members of our Shocker family experienced the tragic events from as close as Ground Zero; others, from vantages around the world.

One of our WSU alumni took the time to send the association the following e-mail message from Germany: “Dear WSU Alumni Association: This note comes just to let you and the alumni of Wichita State University know how much we in Berlin feel for the innocent victims of terrorism in New York and Washington D.C. Sincerely, Peter Sommer, Class of 1961.”

And now, four months later, some members of our WSU community are feeling the secondary effects of the terrorist attacks: job layoffs. Here in Wichita, people are pulling together to help those who are losing their jobs. 

As we begin to move on with our lives, let us continue to remember those who perished and those who work daily in harm’s way to keep us safe and to preserve our freedom.

We’ve been reminded that how we live our lives — how we interact with the world around us — as Thinkers, Doers, Movers and Shockers is of profound importance, not only in each of our local communities, but in our global community.


Hitting the Mark

Every year since 1955, members of the Wichita State University community celebrate the achievements and service of extraordinary alumni, faculty and staff with an annual awards presentation sponsored and hosted by the WSU Alumni Association.

Director's Corner

The effects of the 9/11 terrorists attacks are experienced throughout the Shocker community.

President's Corner

Eeach of us has a need to feel that we are connected, that we are a part of something larger than ourselves — and WSU provides that connection.

Big-Game Adventure

The 2001 Shocker Safari bagged more than $140,000 in support of alumni and student programs and scholarship opportunities at Wichita State University.

Working in the Real World

Wichita State University junior and sports administration major Sara Barnhart enrolled in the Career Network Experience with the desire to work as an athletic director after graduation.

YAA Bowling for Dollars (But Mostly for Fun)

Wichita State’s Young Alumni Association sponsored its first bowling tournament Sat., June 30 (2001) at Flight Lanes in Wichita.


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