Spring 2012

Director's Corner


Among the students who participated in WSU commencement exercises this spring were my stepson, Sean, and daughter-in-law, Mandy. This led to some reflection on my part, reflection that brought strong feelings of pride, not only for them, but for our great university.

Through my years at the alumni association, I've had the pleasure of interacting with many WSU students, getting to know their views and experiences. Having a student, and now a graduate, in my own family, however, has really put their viewpoints in a very personal perspective.

What I have learned from students and recent graduates is they feel what I've always believed: that WSU's administrators and educators, at every level, are exceptional teachers and mentors who care very much about our students as individuals. Over and over, students tell me about dedicated faculty who gave them not only a great traditional education, but also helped prepare them for life beyond WSU. They tell me, over and over, about the value of the practical learning experiences they receive here, and how much they appreciate the personal advice and guidance they have been given.

There is a special bond we feel as we participate in university-related events or cheer on our favorite teams, but at the core of what makes a university great is the quality of the education our students receive. Nothing has brought that home to me more than to have Sean graduate. He has decided he wants to become a sports broadcaster (imagine that!) and, while a student, gained practical experience in the field. (Request: If anyone knows of a job opportunity in the industry, please feel free to let me know. After all, he has a great college education!)

Congratulations to all graduates — and thank you to all those who helped prepare them.


Back on Campus

Members of the classes of 1961 and 1962 were back on campus Feb. 23-25 for their 50-Year Reunion and to help celebrate Homecoming 2012: PartyGras.

Queuing Up for BAT Fun

Nearly 200 Shocker fans turned out May 1 for food, drink and fun at the alumni association's annual Baseball Alumni Tailgate Party before heading over to Eck Stadium to cheer on WSU against Kansas State.

Shockers in Portland

Shocker alumni from Wichita and elsewhere converged in Portland, Ore., for the WSU men's basketball team's first ncaa Tournament game since 2006.


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President's Corner

I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with such a great group of proud Shockers!

Director's Corner

Congratulations to all graduates — and thank you to all those who helped prepare them.

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