Summer 2005

Heritage Fund Contributors: Thanks!

For more than 90 years, the Wichita State Alumni Association has provided programs that benefit Shocker alumni, friends, faculty, staff and students on campus, across the country and around the world. The Shocker Heritage Fund provides crucial support in maintaining association programs, events and publications, including The Shocker, and allows for the initiation of new areas of service. The following 2005-06 Heritage Fund contributors deserve our public thanks for their support of Shocker programs and traditions:

David Abbott, Mary Lou Adams, Debra Adkins, David Aguilera, Jeannine and Tom Allen, Naomi and Steve Anderson, Ron Anderson, Thornton Anderson, Roger Anzzolin, Bill Ard, Janet Bahr, Susan Bailey, Martin Balerio, Olive Bare, Patricia and J. Warren Barkell, Roger and Mary Barton, Gary Bateman, Robin and Chris Bauer, Jerry Bearce, Jan and Wayne Becker, James Bedinger, John Bell, William Bell, Greg Benjamin, John Benjamin, Hank Betzer, Jean Binford, Marjorie Blodgett, Les Bloom, Alan Blough, R.A. and Carol Blumenshine, Pete Bodyk, Katherine Bohnenkamper, John Bomgardner, Virginia Bonnell, John Bonner, Nellie and John Boyle, Mary and Harold Brammer, Jerry Branson, J. Maralee and Harold Bray, Barbara Breitenbach, Debra Bridgforth-Thompson, Frances and Wayne Brinegar, Sondra Broers, Lena Mae Brooks, Cheryl Brown, Frances Brown, Gail and Tim Buckley, Janet Buckley, Brad Bugner, Bob Bunting, W.H. Burch, Roz and Wilson Cadman, Cindy Carnahan, David Carr, Mary Watson Carson, Lucille and James Cartwright, John Cary, Patricia and Bill Chamberlain, Barbara Charlton, E. Jane Chastain, Charles Christian, Gary Clark, Jeannine and Frank Cobb, Margie and Stephen Coberley, Janet Coleman, Carolyn Conley, Michael Considine, Catherine Denise and Jim Cooper, Jay Cooper, Sam Cooper, Roxy Cramer, Irene Crews, Sue and Dave Crockett, Glenda Crotchett, Kathryn Culbertson, Ann and John Cunningham, Jean Curry, Dick Curry, Betty and Howard Cutforth, Myron Dannar, Ron Day, Tanya Deiter, Albert Dempsey, Betty Deshler, Chris Dittman, Michael Doggett, Roseann and Bob Dool, Joyce and Darrel Dugan, Cathy and Edward Duguid, Bob Dwerlkotte, Dee Eck, Larry Eck, Ken Edminster, Dorothy and J.D. Edmiston, Jack Edwards, Nancy and Larry Egan, Frances Elder, Margaret and Randy Ellenz, F. Leon Engstrand, Janet Faust, Larry Ferguson, Judy Feuss, Kurt Fiscko, Valarie Florio, Sue and Richard Foley, Linda and Dan Foley, Earlene and Richard Foote, Connie Ford, Clif Forrest, Doris Fredin, Karl Friedel, Justus Fugate, Jean Garvey, Larry Gaston, Mary Ann Gertsen, Joan and Tom Gilley, Ivonne and Leonard Goldstein, Priscilla and Myron Graham, Ken Green, Karen and John Hageman, Cliff Hall, Walter Hamill, Reid Hanley, Sammy Hanley, Kathleen Happe, Beth Harlenske and Dale Poe, Joe Harrison, Sheree and Bruce Hart, Dot and Harold Hauck, Sandra Hazlett, Ruth and Vic Heckart, Jo and Ken Hedrick, Carla and Rick Heimerman, Terry Hervey, Brenda Hicks, Judy and Al Higdon, J. Terry Higgins, Paula and Larry Hlobik, Owen Hobson, Virginia Hodge, Hans Hoffmann, Rebecca Holden Deckard and Raymond Holden, Bobbi and Donald Hollar, David Holmes, Charlotte Holmes Browning, Steve Holtz, Lois and Max Hubbard, DeEtte Huffman, Sharon and Max Huffman, Margaret Ann and Gene Hughes, Joyce and Myron Hultgren, Gaylene and Douglas Irvin, Charles Jackman, Kaki and Jick Jackson, Joyce and Ronald Jilg, Don Johnson, Anita and Larry Jones, Elmer Jones, Cecile Kellenbarger, Gilleran Kendrick, William Kent, Rollin Ketteman, Adam Kice, Elizabeth and Don King, Marjorie and Chuck King, Janet Kinsley, Connie and Kirk Kisinger, Leoria Kohls, Marilyn and Arnie Kroupa, Karen La Force, Marla and Jerry Laham, Catherine and Stu Lane, Bob Langenwalter, Pat and W.C. Lauver, Ann and Kip Lee, Annette Lemert, Brian Lett, Martha Lewis, Kimberly and Edward Lind, Don Lock, Sara and Ed Lomax, Gerald Loomis, Karen and Leon Lungwitz, Craig Macy, Leo J. Malone, Dale Maltbie, Arneatha Martin, Rex Martin, Ardena Matlack, Linda and Del Matney, Naomi Matney, Gigi and Brian Mauden, Doris Mayhew, David McCutcheon, June and Bob McGrath, Edwin McGuire, Verlon McKay, Margaret McKinney, John Meilert, Kitty and Paul Meitzner, R.D. Messinger, Carl Metzger, Edwin Miller, Joanne and Thomas Miller, Becky Morgan, Paul Morris, Richard Morris, Tony Morrow, Kay and John Morse, Brad Moser, Kathryn and Charles Mullen, Dick Mullen, Sylvia Muse, Martha Nash, Robert Navrat, Howard Nellis, Alberta and Bernie Nichols, Geraldine and Robert Norris, Jacqueline Oakes, Roberta and Donald Oder, John Osborne, Criss and Joe Palacioz, Linda Palmer, Orpha and Ralph Parish, Annette Parker, Marie and Howard Partington, Mary Christina Pegg, Jean Person, Dorothy Pettersen, Jane Phares, Mildred Phillips, George Platt, Christine Polk, Mary Lou Polson, Barbara Posner, George-Ann and Donald Pratt, Robert Pugh, William Quint, Jerry Rathbone, Geney and Cramer Reed, Susan Regan, Joan Reid, Toni Renfro, Cynthia Rhodes, William Riffel, Edward Riggs, Craig Rindt, Bonnie and Nick Roark, Jim Robinson, Lilia Rodriguez Tocker, Les Rudd, Winona and Glenn Rudder, Gloria and Charlie Russell, Sue and J. Theodore Sandberg, Dick Sanders, Barbara and Bill Scantlin, Carol and Larry Schoenfeld, Francis W. Schruben, Ted Schweiter, Rod Setchell, George Shadid, Gloria Shaw, Henry Shields, Diane and Phil Shoemaker, Eddie Slaughter, Robert Smith, Conner Sorensen, Alice Sours, Max Steinbuchel, Lynn and Don Stephan, John C. Stevens, Betty Stewart, Dale Stewart, Clifford Stone, John Stucky, Scott Stucky, Irvin Sullivan, Bill Swisher, Carolyn Taylor, Arthur Tenbrink, Donald Tener, Pauline Toews, Frank Tomecek, Dorothy Totten, Clarice Traylor, Neal Van Der Voorn, Barbara and Robert Vance, Frances and Donald Vannoy, Margaret and David Vink, Samuel Walker, Kathleen Walsh, Karen and Michael Weis, Brian Wells, Marilyn and Randy Wells, Betty and Dick Welsbacher, Chris and John White, Jolly White, Carol Whiteside, Melba and John Widdowson, Jane Wieland, Bill Wiesner, David Wiley, David Wilkinson, Marge Williams, Maxine Williams, Mike Williams, Debbie Willsie and John Stewart, J. Alan Wilson, Leslie Wilson, A. Marie Wimmer, Virginia and Gary Wise, Gary Witham, Gary Wood, Gordon Wood, Mark Woods, Patricia Wyatt-Harris and James Harris, Sharon Yelton, Mike Young.


Shocker Faces

Shocker personalities show up everywhere. Take a look!

50 Years for '55

Members of Wichita University’s Class of 1955 gathered May 12-14 to reminisce and to be inducted into the university’s 50-Year Club.

Director's Corner

Debbie Kennedy reflects on a period of transition for the association.

President's Corner

Kathy Sexton says being part of the alumni association is about building and growing relationships

O! Visioneers

The alumni association at Wichita State has become a partner with Visioneering Wichita.

Shocker Golf in the Arizona Sun

The Camelback Golf Club and Resort in Scottsdale played host to the 2005 Arizona Shocker Open on March 14.

They Did It Again

Dubbed CaddyShock V, the 2005 Shocker Open golf tournament was promoted with a tag line reminiscent of Caddyshack.


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Heritage Fund Contributors: Thanks!

The Heritage Fund provides support in maintaining association programs, events and publications, and allows for the initiation of new areas of service.