Spring 2018

D'Tigers Times Three


When Dominic Okon, Wichita State’s director of men’s basketball operations, was tapped this May by the Nigeria Basketball Federation to be an assistant coach for the men’s national team, it was the third time Okon has been called to action with the D’Tigers.

Born in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, Okon came to America in 1993 to pursue his hoop dreams. During summers, when time allowed, he was point guard for the D’Tigers and played in many tournaments, including the 1997 Nation’s Cup in Africa, which qualified the team to compete for the 1998 World Cup in Athens.

Then, in 2012, he put in his first stint as a D’Tigers assistant coach — helping them qualify for the London Summer Olympic Games and net their first Olympic win.

Go, D’Tigers!


D'Tigers Times Three

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