Summer 2002



Trust & Confidence

After nearly two decades with the Secret Service, the dark-suited, white-shirted WSU alumna standing watch over the President and First Lady has proven she’s worthy of trust and confidence — not to mention prepared for just about anything.

Water Wars

Of all the things that divide human populations, it is not differences in religion, nationality or ethnicity, but rather scarcity of natural resources, none more critical than water, that looms as one of the bedrock reasons for future wars — this according to a number of experts who delve into such dark matters.

The Corps of Discovery

On July 5, 1803, Captain Meriwether Lewis departed Washington, D.C., for Clarksville, in Indiana Territory, to meet with William Clark. Once together, they would lead an expedition, aptly titled the Corps of Discovery, across an unexplored continent to the Pacific Ocean in one of America’s greatest feats of exploration.


Mail Summer 2002

Readers write in to comment on The Shocker and its contents.


Shock Talk Summer 2002

Shockers everywhere, at events long ago to happenings just the other day, always have something interesting to say. Take this sampling -- featuring an original editorial cartoon by Richard Crowson -- as a Shock Talk example:


Association News

Rise & Shine VI. The sixth year of the Wichita State University Alumni Association’s Distinguished Alumni Speaker Breakfast Series promises six stellar reasons to get out of bed early.


Check out this run-down of alumni activities.

Thanks, CaddyShock II Players and Sponsors

Teeing off with 32 other teams May 3 at Willowbend Golf Club, Wichita, was the winning team of the WSU Alumni Association-sponsored CaddyShock II Shocker Open.

Class of 1952 Members Celebrate their 50th

Members of the University of Wichita’s class of 1952 returned to campus May 16-18 and were feted with tours, receptions, luncheons, picnics — and plenty of “studious” tales about collegiate life at WU.

President's Corner

I was honored to have the opportunity to offer a few remarks at last fall’s President’s Gala. Among other observations, I spoke of my affinity with our alma mater, saying that my grandfather taught me an understanding of and a love for Wichita, Fairmount College and the University of Wichita.

Director's Corner

As I write this message, the alumni association has just wrapped up hosting a number of spring activities, including the Shocker Open golf tournament and the 50-year reunion for the University of Wichita’s class of 1952.


Time on Her Side

This WSU student is determined. She’s determined to graduate summa cum laude in December — and she’s determined to save her life.

It's Raining Deans

Just as spring brought much-needed rain to kick campus greenery into high gear, so it yielded up a just-as-welcome sprinkle of newly appointed deans for three of WSU’s colleges and schools. Susan K. Kovar, who was serving as interim dean of the Graduate School, was named its dean; William D. Bischoff, interim dean of Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, also saw the “interim” removed from his title; and Steven K. Hedden, vice dean for academics and research in the College of Fine Arts at the University of Arizona, was appointed dean of WSU’s College of Fine Arts.


From Rhatigan's retirement to "Frozen Worlds," these Gleanings entries survey the current university scene.


Shock Art Summer 2002

Rob Compton, Mary Werner and Pamela Yenser ’66 share their talent in this edition of Shock Art, which spotlights artistic alums.


The Journey

Recognized as one of America’s foremost printmakers, Malcolm Myers ’40 (1917-2002) liked to make things new.


Stroke of Luck

Matter-of-factly, the U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms’ Internet home page states: “Alfonso E. Lenhardt was elected and sworn in as the 36th Sergeant at Arms of the Senate on Sept. 4, 2001.”


Roundhouse Memories

In the spring issue of The Shocker, we asked you, our readers, to share your favorite memories of Henry Levitt Arena, which is undergoing a massive $25 million renovation and slated to reopen in late summer or early fall 2003 as the Koch Arena. Following is a sampling of your responses. Thanks for the memories.


Shocker Women Place Second at Bowling Nationals

WSU’s women’s bowling team qualified third, behind No. 1 seeded Nebraska and No. 2 seeded Erie Community College, for the double-elimination Intercollegiate Bowling Championships.

Doing The Most

This August, a former Shocker gridiron great will be the first Hispanic coach inducted into the national College Football Hall of Fame.

It's a Wrap

Despite the fact that No. 4 seeded Oral Roberts ended the season too early for No. 1 seeded and regional host Wichita State with a 15-8 win June 1 in NCAA regional tournament action, there’s still plenty of good news to report from Eck Stadium, Home of Tyler Field.

Third and Moving Up

WSU claims third place in Missouri Valley Conference All-Sports Trophy standings, marking a three-year improvement from seventh to third.

Sports Briefs

Shockers excel in the world of sports. Here are highlights of some of their recent accomplishments.


Class Notes Summer 2002

Comings, goings, appointments, retirements, honors, accolades and other personal alumni news. Former students are designated by fs. Members of the Wichita State University Alumni Association are identified by an asterisk (*). Membership dues support alumni publications as well as many other programs and services that support higher education at Wichita State.


In Memoriam Summer 2002

Dorothy (Ingling) MacConkey ’53, James F. “Bud” Gould ’40 and these WSU alumni and university friends leave lasting legacies.


The Incredible Vastness of Things

W. Stephen Hathaway, associate professor of English, shares his thoughts on open spaces.


Ellis Island Medal Winner

This May, Mike Mustafoglu ’74 was awarded an Ellis Island Medal of Honor, presented by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations.

The Write Stuff

Nancy McCabe ’84 is making her mark in the writing world.

It's a Priviledge

For Travis West ’01, the 40-mile drive down Highway 160 in south-central Kansas past dusty fields and grazing cattle is a daily commute.



Check out this news about sextuplets, Wheatman,a clock-facelift and more — with illustrations by Wade Hampton.