Spring 2007

Shocker Faces

the Cooper family
The Coopers (Bill ’84 and Paula ’82/84, Jenny, WSU
student Lydia and Laura) catch the George Mason
vs. WSU game.












the Meeks family
Also at the game last fall were the Meekses (Don
and Krista ’87/88, Turner, Colson and Bailey). The
Coopers and the Meekses reside in Haymarket, Va.











PJ Couisnard
PJ Couisnard visits with Shocker fans camped
outside Koch Arena Feb. 12, as the wind howled
and the wind chill dipped below zero.




Shocker Faces

Shocker personalities show up everywhere. Take a look!

Star Shockers

Greeted by more than 250 well-wishers, toasted with champagne and fêted with fine dining were the 2006 WSU Alumni Awards honorees on Jan. 25.

Shockers of Influence

There are myriad ways for university staff, administrators and faculty members to distinguish themselves: professional awards, grants and publication, to name just three.

Remember When ....

… Ike began a second term as president and Sputnik rocketed into space?


WSUAA News and Events

President's Corner

Trish Brasted ’96 details activities with the association, including Shocker Superheros.

Director's Corner

Debbie Kennedy, WSU Alumni Association executive director talks about improvements at the alumni center.