Spring 2002



Dealing in Strikes 'n' Spares

We're all familiar with the inner rumblings of bowling centers, the thunder of rolling balls across conditioned lanes, the sound of setting pins like deus ex machina — cacophonous to some, cathartic to Lonnie Waliczek ’96.

Golden Opportunity

For 17 days, the world watched 2,526 athletes from 77 countries go for the gold in the 19th Winter Olympics staged in Salt Lake City. Americans were filled with pride as U.S. athletes won 34 medals in 10 of 15 sports, far more than the 20 originally hoped for. The 70,000-80,000 people who daily packed the sport venues for a thrill-packed view included some 18,000 volunteers — and among them were six students from Wichita State University.

Spirit People

The tribal peoples known as the Asmat are influenced, simultaneously, by three interwoven yet distinctly different realms: the spirit world of their recently dead, the sacred world of their omnipresent ancestors and their real, physical world of people, trees, water and mud.



Readers respond to the winter 2001/02 issue of The Shocker.


Shocker Talk

Shockers everywhere, at events long ago to happenings just the other day, always have something interesting to say. Take this sampling as a Shock Talk example:


President's Corner

By Chris Shank '69, WSU Alumni Association president

Director's Corner

By Brad S. Beets '87, WSU Alumni Association executive director

Hitting the Mark

Wichita State honors alumni and faculty at annual awards banquet.

Play It Again, Band

Members of the WSU Alumni Bands Club return to campus to rock the roundhouse by playing with the current student pep band during the Jan. 22 Shocker men's basketball game.



From a revamped MBA degree to "beyond baby talk," check out what's going at Wichita State this spring.

Staying Power

This June, Walter Myers, College of Fine Arts dean, retires after 39 years with WSU, 24 of them as a faculty member and 15 as an administrator. One of the first things he and his wife, Kaye, plan on doing after his retirement is visiting his sister in South Africa.

Better Late than Never

The afternoon of Feb. 22, WSU’s George Washington Bicentennial Memorial Bridge, located just south of Levitt Arena, received its inaugural dedication. This fact may strike some people as odd, since the bridge was constructed in 1932.


Shock Art

A gallery of both literary and visual art, Shock Art showcases works by Wichita State alumni, faculty and students.


Wanderings: Zero Gravity

David Nordling '96, David Lenhert '97, Ian Goodman '00 and Timothy Wetzel '00, who is shown here during research activities at NASA this past fall, have all experienced the adventures of microgravity, thanks to Wichita State 's strong relationship with NASA.


We Are Wichita State

The Wichita State University Alumni Association continues its membership promotion "We Are Wichita State" campaign with Ronda Hamilton and Joe Palacioz.


Locked and Loaded

Shocker baseball is off to a blazing start this season.

Shocker Basketball

Men's and women's basketball players gain recognition in The Valley.

WSU Welcomes Four Hall of Famers

Doug Mirabelli, Deana (Alexander) Torgerson, Mornay Annandale and Bob Hodgson are inducted into the Shocker Sports Hall of Fame.

Sports Briefs

Check out the latest news in Shocker sports for spring 2002.


Coming Home: The Best Years

Rowena Ahlberg, 1916-2002

In Memoriam

Margaret Glades, Wendell Carter and these other university graduates and friends leave lasting legacies.


Bus Stop

Jedd Beaudoin '01 writes about his experiences in Poland.


Time Well Spent

Marilynn Ault '60 retires from her position as director of the YWCA's BBattered Women Task Force.

Lightning Strikes

Albert Goldbarth wins a second National Book Critics Circle Award for poetry.

Right on the Mark

Bill Gardner '81/83 owns Gardner Design in Wichita.



Check out this spring's mix of eclectic Shocker news, with original illustrations by Wade Hampton.