Fall 2005




Wichita State's College of Fine Arts, with its schools of music, performing arts, and art and design, offers a colorful and moving history. And this year, the School of Art and Design celebrates a significant milestone: the 50th anniversary of its Master of Fine Arts program.

Determining Factors

The investigation into Wichita's infamous BTK murders - 10 in all, between 1974 and 1991- spanned 31 years and a slew of investigative tools and tactics. While much changed through the decades, one thing did not: the determination of the investigators to catch the killer.

Sirius Changes

It's been 41 years since his graduation; 41 years since he earned his class ring, and he's still wearing it.

The People Aspect

As senior vice president for professional standards for the nation's largest physician's group, Modena Wilson '71 leads and manages AMA activities in medical education, medical ethics and in science, quality and public health.



Shocker Notes


Shock Talk

Shockers everywhere, at events long ago to happenings just the other day, always have something interesting to say.


Golden Anniversary

The WSU Alumni Association’s annual awards ceremony is set to take place Jan. 26, 2006, and this year’s event — the 50th — will see awards presented to six outstanding Shockers.

A Rollickin' Good Time

Charles Koch Arena will once again be the place to be for a blockbuster evening of Shocker fun, food and entertainment. The second annual Rockin’ the Roundhouse event is slated for Sat., Nov. 5.

Shocker Faces

Shocker Snapshots

President's Corner

I should have read the fine print before I agreed to be this year’s president of the alumni association.

Director's Corner

This Oct. 8, I had the pleasure of addressing WSU’s eight Shocktoberfest Outstanding Senior Men and Women finalists, their families and friends.


WSUAA News and Events


Beyond Sousa

Striving to stay "on the bleeding edge of modern music," the conductor of the acclaimed U.S. Air Force Band of the Golden West called on three Wichita State music personalities: two award-winning composers and an 'almost operatic' conductor.

Wichita State Bands: In the National Spotlight

Vic Markovich, Walter Mays and Dean Roush brought national attention to WSU Bands this past spring at the April 10 Great Composers Concert in Vacaville, Calif.

The Thought Behind ...

The French word gisant refers first to a style of funerary statuary that shows the deceased — usually nobility — reclining on his own tombstone.


University Tidbits



A gallery of both literary and visual art, Shock Art showcases works by Wichita State alumni, faculty and students.

Chartres In France

A gallery of both literary and visual art, Shock Art showcases works by Wichita State alumni, faculty and students.


A gallery of both literary and visual art, Shock Art showcases works by Wichita State alumni, faculty and students.



To the Lakota people, among others, the flute is the essence of the wind, especially Niya Awicableze, the Enlightening Breath.


Ron Kopita

Ron Kopita talks about his role as Wichita State's VP of student affairs, John Dewey's pragmatism, movies and a secret desire to be a — lounge singer?


National Theater's Patron Saint

Tennessee Williams dubbed her the "Texas Tornado," and when Margo Jones died, suddenly, on July 24, 1955, he went on a three-week drinking binge.

Based on a Shocker of a Story

WSU alums will no doubt recognize the fictional Professor Conrad's university: parts of Blake Robbins' movie will be shot on Wichita State's campus.

Return to Flight

As chief of NASA's Systems Division, Stan Schaefer '87 oversees the space agency's shuttle program, which had a successful — yet stressful — return to flight this summer.


Hard-Working House

A former Fairmount College women's dormitory gets a new lease on life, thanks to the vision and hard work of a most historically minded Shocker — Bob Bayer '57.

Found Stories

IN 1934, MARTIN F. PALMER, a passionate and visionary scientist, established Wichita University's Department of Speech Sciences in order to study and treat speech disorders in children.


The Right Voice

Longtime Shocker basketball fans were surprised and delighted to hear the familiar voice of Ronald B. "Ron" Heller '63 in broadcasts of last season's away games.

No Regrets

One of the most accomplished athletes in Wichita State history, senior Desiraye Osburn has covered countless miles in cross country and track.

On the Attack

Sara Lungren, a 6-foot-4 sophomore, is developing into a major force on coach Chris Lamb's Shocker team.

Sports Briefs

Shocker Sports News and Notes


Class Notes

Comings, goings, appointments, retirements, honors, accolades and other personal alumni news.

Shocker 49er

Scot McCloughan fs '92 left WSU a professional baseball player but has spent the past nine years working in a sport Wichita State hasn't hosted since 1986 — football.

A Musical Life

"I think I've always known I was going to teach," recalls Sarah McKoin '89, director of bands at Texas Tech University. "After getting into music, I knew my life was going to be a musical one."

Smoke & Fire

Ken Spurgeon '89/97/02 zealously embraces and celebrates Kansas history, particularly the seven years prior to statehood known as Bleeding Kansas, a precursor to the Civil War.

From the Ground Up

The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Ark., won't open for four years — won't even break ground for months.


In Memoriam

Remembering Shocker Legacies

Catching Shocker History

Don Dreher fs '85, a cutter and supplier with the LaCrosse Furniture Co. in LaCrosse, Kan., was known as a talented athlete.

Champion of Justice

Susan (Woodard) Bragg '71, who made her mark on society in law, attended the Oklahoma University School of Law, received her degree in 1979 and in 1981 joined the Oklahoma City district attorney's office, where she became head of the juvenile division.

Stage Star

In 1988, Nancy (Park) Amos fs '44 estimated that she had performed in at least 100 plays for legendary director Mary Jane Teall and Wichita Community Theatre.


The Best Within Us

Importantly, one never has to leave a campus because it is an idea, not merely a place. We can look back and remember the best within us.



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