Summer 2004



The Persistence of Vision

For five decades and counting, artist Bruce Conner fs '53 has been exploring some of our world's most soaring contraries: the sacred and the profane, good and evil, light and shadow, white and black.

Dangerous Minds

Since the 1980s, criminal investigators at the state, local and federal levels have used criminal profiling as a tool to narrow the range of suspects in a given crime. The work often takes investigators into one of the darkest places imaginable — the criminal mind.

The Legacy of Brown v. BOE

Fifty years ago on May 17, 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka, Kan., that segregated public schools were unconstitutional. At the time of the high court's decision, I was a 4-year-old African-American kid from a working-class family in Wichita.

Global Perspectives

As different as our world's landscapes, nations, cultures and languages are, nearly all of them have this in common: student representatives at Wichita State.



Shocker Notes


Shock Talk

Shockers everywhere, at events long ago to happenings just the other day, always have something interesting to say.


One for the Memory Book

1954 graduates from the University of Wichita were toasted and fêted May 14-15 at their 50-year class reunion.

Leading Edge

Dave Dahl, president-elect, and Kathy Sexton, 2004-05 president, are at the leading edge of alumni affairs.

Cinderella Story

CaddyShock IV — this year’s WSU Alumni Association-sponsored golf tournament, The Shocker Open — turned out to be a true Cinderella story.

Shocker Faces

Shocker Snapshots

Director's Corner

We should show the pride we feel as Shockers to everyone we come in contact with — to proudly announce: "I Am Wichita State!"

President's Corner

Vision, by definition, means “a mental image produced by the imagination.” In the past several months, I have found that the imaginations of Wichita State University alumni, WSU Alumni Association staff and WSU faculty and staff are vivid and full of passion for Wichita State.


WSUAA News and Events


Every Split Second Counts

Catherine Consiglio ’81, associate professor of viola at WSU, sees music as more than an art form.

Cardinal Virtues

Chris Rogers is an unabashed enthusiast and student of nature — "Every chance I get, I head out of doors," he says — but he's no mere dewy-eyed tree-hugger.


University Tidbits


In my mother's house I learned

A gallery of both literary and visual art, Shock Art showcases works by Wichita State alumni, faculty and students.


A gallery of both literary and visual art, Shock Art showcases works by Wichita State alumni, faculty and students.


A gallery of both literary and visual art, Shock Art showcases works by Wichita State alumni, faculty and students.



Some of the most spectacular insects awing today, dragonflies are also among the most ancient of living creatures.


Maha Al-Emam

Maha Al-Emam talks about growing up in Saudi Arabia, the Liquid Alphabet, keeping rhythm, art, politics and fashion.


Farsighted Fashionista

Jacqueline Block's career has spanned decades, time zones and fluctuating hemlines, but one thing's for sure — she's always been on the cutting edge of fashion history.

Family Calling

When Matthew Schlapp '98 learned that the Hugo Wall School of Urban and Public Affairs had selected him as the 2004 recipient of its Alumni Award for Outstanding Public Service, there was no question that he was going to make time to return to campus.


By Guess & By Golly

Researchers are delving into the beginnings of the WSU Alumni Association — and you may have just the piece of information they need to flesh out the story.

Happy 100th, Fiske Hall

Fairmount College staged its first major public event, other than commencements, when the cornerstone for a boys' dormitory was laid on Oct. 28, 1904.


Left & Right

For Wichita State baseball fans still depressed over the stunning loss to Arkansas in an NCAA regional, here's a welcome cure: Spend the off-season envisioning Mike Pelfrey throwing heat from a soon-to-be million-dollar right arm, and Kris Johnson tossing nasty stuff with his left.

Tough Break

Wichita State infielder Ashley Lynn hit a school-record 13 home runs during the 2004 season, but one of the long balls clearly stands out — both for its immediate drama and its historical significance.

The Complete Package

Seven events over the course of two grueling days: the heptathlon tests an athlete's strength, stamina and versatility.

New Head Women's Golf Coach Named

Topeka, Kan., native Chris Gomez has been named head women's golf coach at Wichita State, Director of Athletics Jim Schaus announced June 18.

Cascading Success

Shocker golf coach Grier Jones, as tough and demanding as they come, will be pleased to find out how one of his top players was spending an early summer afternoon.

Sports Briefs

Shocker Sports News and Notes


Class Notes

Comings, goings, appointments, retirements, honors, accolades and other personal alumni news.


Pure Genius

William R. Tincher '53 earned a political science degree at the University of Wichita before attending Washburn University Law School.

The Pleasure of Her Voice

Annette R. Daniels '84 amassed critical acclaim as a mezzo-soprano in performances with numerous opera companies throughout the United States.

Knight Administrator

When Robert Kindrick came to WSU as vice president of academic affairs and research in August 2000, he advised students not to be surprised to find him teaching classes.

Posting Success

Lawrence A. "Larry" Wallace '42 studied and played hard at the University of Wichita, where he majored in economics and was a quarterback on the football team.

In Memoriam

Remembering Shocker Legacies


The Passing Parade

Through the power of memory, we renew the bonds of love that, as Thorton Wilder wrote, are the only true "bridge" between the living and the dead.


Mind Games

Winning the 1989 NCAA College World Series as a Shocker whetted Greg Brummett's appetite for baseball.

By Design

Dustin '97 and Johanna '99 Commer have designed a good life for themselves.

Principal Horn

Max Cripe '87 found himself on his way to see the president shortly after his graduation from WSU.

Sounds of Adventure

Dwayne Rea '90 lives an adventurous life.



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